Sports Center

Michael Clark

Instructor of Bike Clinic


A former chef and lifelong bike rider, Mike Clark discovered his calling while volunteering for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s Bike Safety program at his kids’ school. He has been active: empowering children, teaching bike safety, and exploring neighborhoods throughout the Metro area during the last half dozen years. He has been employed on and off by The Street Trust, Community Cycling Center, Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition & Reed College during this time. Mike’s love of bike riding exploration started with mountain bikes while growing up in Pennsylvania. An avid mountain biker he has explored much, but nowhere near enough, of the Pacific Northwest woods during his almost thirty years as an Oregonian. He generally prefers the quiet of dirt to the noise of asphalt. Over the last decade he has also become an enthusiastic, if not fast, bike racer. He prefers to spend his rare non-bike time reading, playing games with family & friends, and generally puttering around his neighborhood.