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Fit You


Jennifer Edelson was born and raised near Johannesburg, South Africa. She holds an undergraduate degree in social work from University of the Witwatersrand, and a masters degree in teaching from Lewis and Clark College. Jennifer teaches ESL math and English full-time at Madison High School in Portland, where she is also the strength and conditioning coach for the swim team and the girls' golf team. A mother of five, a workout fanatic and athlete, Jennifer also teaches kickboxing at a Portland studio, and has been a fitness instructor in a variety of settings since 1985. At Reed, Jennifer also teaches Cardio Kickboxing.

Jennifer brings high energy and focus to her classes. She emphasizes form and expects her students to be prepared to sweat and test their limits.

Fit You is a rigorous 50 minute class designed for anyone who wants to test their physical limits and get a total body workout. Students will be introduced to a variety of exercises and equipment including ropes, resistance bands, sliders, and light weights. This class is open to students of any fitness level who want to develop cardio endurance, core strength, and muscular definition.