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Screen Sharing with CUS

Get desktop support by sharing your screen with CUS! To get started, watch this video tutorial or follow the steps below.

  1. On any IT Help web page, click the "Ask CUS!" bubble at the bottom left of the screen. A dialogue box will open.
  2. Enter your name and email. Hit the button "Done", to be directed to the chat interface.
  3. Chat with us for support! Sometimes it takes a few seconds for us to reply, but we will get to you asap.

We'll set up a Zoom session and send you a link. You should:

  1. Click on the link. If you already have the application Zoom installed on your device, the link will redirect your computer to open the app and set up the session with us automatically.

To share your screen during the Zoom session:

  1. Click the button “Share Screen” at the bottom center of the Zoom app (it’s green).
  2. You will be able to choose which content on your computer you want to share with us. (e.g. you could only share the content on your current desktop, or you could share the content of one specific Word document you’ve already opened.)

Sometimes, with your permission, we will need to have remote control over the content you’ve shared. In this case, a window will pop up saying “[name of staff] is requesting remote control of your screen.” You should:

  1. Click “Approve” if you approve.

Other questions? Email