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Installation Instructions for Students and Faculty

If you have any questions, call or email CUS (x7525).

Running Mathematica

Mathematica is available using the Virtual Computer Lab. You can find the Mathematica application by searching using the Windows start menu. Mathematica is also installed on the IRC computers on the first floor of the ETC. Click on the Applications icon on the dock - then find and double-click on the Mathematica icon. 

Using Mathematica

Mathematica opens with two windows. On the left side of the screen is the input window that can evaluate basic expressions. Type in a mathematical expression in the usual notation, say 4 + 6 / 2 - 9. Then hold down Shift and hit Return. Mathematica returns the value of the expression.

The window on the right side of the screen contains mathematical symbols that do not appear on the keyboard. For example, to evaluate a square root, click on the Mathematica: Square Root button. In the input window, a square root will show up with a box underneath. Simply type in a number or an expression and hit Shift-Return.

For more detailed guidance on using Mathematica, expand the Help menu and select Tutorial. The tutorial will take you through the basics of Mathematica and includes graphing and symbolic computation.

To see the key features of Mathematica in action, watch the screencast prepared by Wolfram.