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Connecting to Reed1x on Windows

Note: Reed1x is currently unsupported on Windows 11. If you are running Windows 11, please use ReedXenia for now.

Windows Automatic Instruction (Try this first)

  IMPORTANT: Please make sure your Windows OS is up to date.

  1. Connecting to Reed1x requires the installation of a special plugin onto Windows computers. We have helpfully packaged this plugin with an installer which configures it for you! First, download it here. Please note this plugin supports 64-bit machines only.

  2. Find the file, then Right Click>Run as Administrator. 
  3. Hit next on all 3 windows that pop up and RESTART YOUR MACHINE (Super necessary step).
  4. After the restart is completed, wait for a black command prompt window to flash for a second, the plug-in will create your Reed1x profile in the background. 
  5. Connect to Reed1x, a window will prompt you for your Kerberos username and password (the same one you use for iris). Keep logon domain blank and click "OK". Note: the window may not disappear, move on to the next step.

  6. Navigate to the WiFi icon, click connect to Reed1x and make sure you tick the checkbox to always connect to the network when in range!
    • If at this stage your wifi icon says "Verifying and Connecting" for an extended amount of time, it is likely that your date and time settings are not configured correctly. Make sure that they are set to the proper date and time zone and try connecting again.
  7. If you're on Windows 11, click on the WiFi icon in your menu and confirm that you want to use the network. You will likely see the below message: 



Windows Manual instructions

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your Windows OS is up to date.

NOTE: Please try the automated method of connecting before you attempt the manual method.

  1. Before you can successfully connect to Reed1x, you will need to download the a special plugin located  here . Please note this plugin supports 64-bit machines only.
  2. After the installation finishes,  please reboot your machine.
  3. After rebooting, navigate to the  Network and Sharing Center. To get there, right click on the network icon in the system tray and select  Open Network and Sharing Center. Select  Set up a new connection or network.


  4. Select  Manually connect to a wireless network.


  5. Type in the Network name and select the Security Type
    • Network Name:  Reed1x
    • Security Type:  WPA2-Enterprise
    • Note: The encryption type should automatically be selected as AES


  6. Click  Change connection settings.


  7. Click the  Security tab.


  8. Ensure that the network authentication method is set to  Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) and then click the settings button.


  9. Check the box next to  GeoTrust Global CA and, under  Select Authentication Method, select  EAP-Token. Click  OK.
  10. Left click the network icon to open the connections window and connect to Reed1x.


  11. A credentials window will pop up on your desktop. Enter your Reed ID and password - the same credentials you use for email and IRIS. Leave the logon domain field blank.


  12. Windows may ask if you wish to keep connecting, and/or trust the connection. Click Connect and proceed onward.

Your computer may take a few seconds to establish the connection. If it doesn't reboot your computer and try connecting to Reed1x again.  Contact CUS if you continue to have trouble connecting.