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Accessing Windows using VMware Fusion 

Macs in ETC 205 and PPW have Windows installed on them through virtual machine. The steps to access it are as follows

  • Navigate to the dock and open the Windows 10 VMware icon.

VMware Fusion Location

  • Once open it will automatically start loading Windows. Windows might start installing updates which will finish within a few seconds. Do not turn off the machine.

VMware Fusion Updates Screen

  • It should then redirect to the familiar Windows login page which you then can then log into using your Kerberos credentials
  • To go into full screen mode, you can use the green maximize button

VMware Fusion Maximize Button Location

  • When you are done with Windows, power off the virtual machine using the Start Menu>Shutdown button. Do not simply close the window.

VMware Fusion Power Off 1 

VMware Fusion Power Off 2

VMware Fusion Power Off 3


  • If you want to exit full screen, move mouse to the top of the screen to show the menu bar.
  • If the pointer is stuck in VMware or if you want to access the Mac OS press Ctrl + Cmd and move the mouse.
  • If you plug in a USB drive while the VM is running you will get a dialog box like the one below

 VMware Fusion USB Dialog

  • Choose the operating system you want to use the USB drive in. If you choose Windows, the flash thumb icons will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Windows USB Location

To access a USB drive already plugged into the machine you can

  • Locate the USB icon in the menu bar

USB icon location VMware Fusion