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Kerberos Accounts

Kerberos is a system that lets you use one username and password to access many services. It was designed to provide both security and convenience. Using Kerberos means that you have to remember fewer passwords and type your password less frequently.

For more information on Kerberos and how to get an account visit our Kerberos page.

Need to reset your password? Account Tools is the place to go.

Network Registrations

The first time you try to access any webpage, your web browser will take you to the Reed Network Registration page where you can register your computer. Please make sure to register using your Reed kerberos network username and password and not as a guest, or you will have limited access to the network. You will be asked to register once for the wired network and once for the wireless network. If you have any questions about registration please contact CUS at x7525 or


Reed provides wireless internet connectivity in most buildings and some other areas of campus.

There are two networks available at Reed. For information about which one you should use and how to connect, visit our wireless page.


Wired ethernet connections are available in most dorms on campus. Devices on the wired network must be registered by their MAC address once a year using a our device specific registration tool. For further instructions, and to register your device, go to:

When registering a device using an Ethernet Adapter, you need to use the MAC address of the adapter, not the computer. The MAC address for the adapter should be printed on the adapter itself, or you can find the MAC address (on a computer running macOS) by going to System Preferences > Network > (Find and select the ethernet adapter from the list of network devices) > Advanced > Hardware.

Wired Renewals

Devices registered on the wired network must be reregistered every year. IT staff will send an email notification with your registered device information. To continue using your devices on the network, go to: and click the Renew button for each device. Use the Delete key to remove the device and its information from our system.

Alumni Information

Alumni are welcome to use the computers in the IRCs and Library. Remember it is a privilege and not a right. CUS staff cannot provide assistance to alumni on such things as how to use applications or use the computers. Also, printing services are not available to alumni. For more information on services available to alumni and guests, please see our alumni help page.

Using your alumni account is easy - it's the same as the Kerberos account you use to access IRIS. For more information on this, visit our Kerberos page.

Forgot your password? Contact the alumni office at x7589 or

Guest Information

Reed guests can access the internet on the ReedXenia network. Instructions for connecting are on our network page.