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Escorts and the Night Bus

To enhance the safety of the campus and our community members, Community Safety Officers provide escorts or transports in one of our vehicles for community members and guests. These services are primarily intended for safety (e.g., after dark, for specific safety concerns, etc.), but convenience transports are available on an exception basis and as staffing permits. Transports to areas adjacent to campus may be provided as staffing and service loads allow. Community Safety is not able to provide routine transportation for students with on-going mobility issues. Students with needs related to disabilities or health conditions are encouraged to contact Disability Support services or the Health and Counseling Center.

Disability & Accessibility Support Services

Health and Counseling Services

As an additional safety measure, the college operates a night bus program to transport students to their home. The night bus begins service at 10:15 p.m. and shuts down for the night at 2 a.m. The drivers attempt to maintain a 30-minute schedule. To request an escort/transport, simply call Community Safety Dispatch 24/7 at 503-517-5355.

More information on the night bus program can be found on the Night Bus page of Reed's Transportation website.

ID Cards

The Community Safety office is responsible for college identification cards. There is no charge for the first ID card issued. A fee of $10 will be charged for each additional ID. This fee will be waived if the additional ID is acting as a replacement for an old or damaged ID and if that old or damaged ID is physically exchanged for the replacement ID at the community safety office.

Lost & Found

As part of switchboard operations, the Community Safety office maintains a campus lost and found. Items turned in are recorded and held for 30 days. After the 30-day period all items are turned over to one of several local charitable organizations. Please check with lost and found if you are missing an item. If you believe the item has been stolen, community safety can assist you in completing a Portland Police Bureau report. 

Due to the large volume of items that come to Community Safety's Lost and Found, there are certain items we do not accept into our Lost and Found. Those items include:

  • Items that are wet, dirty, malodorous or irreparably damaged
  • Used personal hygiene items (e.g. toothbrush, hair brush, etc.)
  • Water bottles/Coffee cups

Motor Assists

Community Safety Officers will assist you with battery jump service and vehicle unlocks. Vehicle registration is free at Reed College, and registration provides information to officers so they may find you if there is a problem with your vehicle. Vehicle registration also allows Community Safety Officers to call you to move your vehicle (if you park in an illegal parking area) before the tow truck arrives. Registering your vehicle is as simple as stopping in at the 28 West building and completing a form, or completing the web registration form.


Community Safety Officers provide unlocks for students, staff and faculty who are locked out of their dorm rooms or offices.  Officers will check a student's college ID before providing a dorm unlock. Community Safety also provides unlocks for student-run spaces, such as the Bike Co-op or Student Print Shoppe, with permission of the signator or manager of the space. If you need access to such a space, be sure that the signator has communicated permission to Community Safety. To request an unlock, call Community Safety dispatch 24/7 at 503-517-5355, or just ext. "0" from a campus phone.

Contact Community Safety

CSOs: 503/517-5355
Text CSOs: 503/849-8678
Office: 28 West

Kathy Silke
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Julie Houser
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