Community Safety

Division of Student Life

Emergency Procedures: Fire Safety

If you see the flames

  • Sound the alarm by pulling the closest fire alarm pull station.
  • Immediately evacuate the building.
  • Call 911 and report the fire, giving information as requested by the dispatcher. Stay on the line until released by the dispatcher.
  • Notify Community Safety (extension 6666).
  • Once outside, move at least 300 feet from the building.  
  • Avoid blocking sidewalks, hydrants, streets, and fire lanes. Emergency vehicles must have clear access.
  • Do not reenter the building unless told to do so by a CSO.

If you hear a fire alarm

  • Evacuate the building immediately.
  • If smoke is present, keep low to the floor.
  • Before opening a door, feel the upper portion of the door or the doorknob with the back of your hand. If it is hot, do not open the door.
  • If you cannot leave the room, keep the door closed and open windows to let out smoke and heat. Seal the crack around the door if possible. Hang an object out the window to attract attention. Stay low to the floor.
  • After the last person leaves a room, close the door to slow the spread of smoke and fire.
  • Do not use elevators.

If you smell smoke or have any other indication of fire

  • Immediately call extension 6666. Describe what you have observed and give your name and exact location.
  • Alert other building occupants in the immediate area to prepare for evacuation.
  • Evacuate the building if the situation gets worse or if directed by a Community Safety Officer or the Portland Fire Bureau.
  • Follow the building evacuation procedures outlined above.
  • Fire extinguisher training is available through Environmental Health and Safety, extension 7788.