Community Safety

Division of Student Life

Emergency Procedures: Building Evacuations

Building Evacuation 788-6666

  • Evacuate a building when you hear an alarm or are ordered to by authorized person.
  • Be aware of the evacuation plan posted in your building. When the alarm sounds or you are otherwise directed to evacuate, leave by the nearest exit.
  • If you are the last one out of a room, shut the door. (In case of a fire, this limits the spread of smoke or fire.)
  • Do not use elevators in case of earthquake or fire.
  • During an emergency evacuation, it is preferable for someone to remain with and assist a non-ambulatory person if they can do so without endangering their own life. If means to evacuate are not available, shelter in place and await rescue.
  • Once outside, move at least 300 feet from the building.  If possible, assemble at your department’s pre-determined meeting site. (This will help your departmental emergency coordinator determine if everyone is out of the building.)
  • Avoid blocking sidewalks, hydrants, streets, and fire lanes. Emergency vehicles must have clear access.
  • Do not reenter the building unless told to do so by a CSO.

Evacuation Meeting Sites (link to evacuation maps found here)

Anna Mann Front Lawn
Art Off-leash area in front of building
Aspen Off-leash Area by 28-West
Bidwell Off-leash Area by 28-West
Biology Front of Main Library Entrance
Birchwoods Warehouse parking lot
Commons (lower level) West Lot
Bragdon Upper Sports Field
Canyon House Off-leash Area by 28-West
Chemistry East Lot
Chittick Upper Sports Field
Eliot Front Lawn
Educational Technology Center East Lot
Farm House Off-leash Area by 28-West
Foster FSM Lawn
Garden house Off-leash Area by 28-West
Gray Campus Center and SU PAB Lawn
Greenwood West Lot
Greywood East Lot
Griffin Upper Sports Field
Health & Counseling Center Grove Lot
Kaul West Lot
Library Front Lawn
McKinley Upper Sports Field
McNaughton FSM Lawn
Naito Upper Sports Field
Old Dorm Block Front Lawn
PAB West Lot
Physical Plant Office West Lot
Physics East Lot
Prexy Front Lawn
Psychology East Lot
Reactor East Lot
Reed College Apartments Off-leash Area by 28-West
Reed Theater Annex 28th Ave Sidewalk
Scholz FSM Lawn
Sequoia Off-leash Area by 28-West
Sitka Off-leash Area by 28-West
Student Center Student Center Lawn
Sports Center West Lot
Sullivan Upper Sports Field
Trillium Off-leash Area by 28-West
Vollum College Center Eliot Circle
Woodbridge Upper Sports Field
Woodstock Language Houses East Lot
28 West Off-leash Area behind building