Community Safety

Division of Student Life

Personal Preparedness

The single most effective way for an organization to prepare for an emergency is for each individual person to be prepared. Personal preparedness begins with being informed followed by having a personal plan than includes having a personal 72-hour emergency kit or "go bag."
You can inform yourself by reading the specific plans on the Community Safety Emergency Preparedness website, including our Emergency Response Plan (ERP). This plan lays Reed's emergency response structure and has links to excellent external information resources.
You can develop a personal plan by using resources like the site or the American Red Cross disaster planning website.
Finally, you can easily build your own personal emergency preparedness kit or "go bag" based on the list of items on either of the sites listed above.
Knowing that your family and loved ones have a plan, and having one yourself that includes having basic emergency supplies, will not only give you some peace of mind, it will increase your ability to fulfill your role at the college during an emergency.
Please contact Community Safety if you have any questions about how to access or use these resources, or about our emergency preparedness program.