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Bike theft is an issue in Portland and Reed is not immune. Stealing bikes and bike parts can be a lucrative business. College campuses are full of expensive bikes. It's wonderful that students feel safe on campus, but it's a problem when their sense of security means they do not take the necessary precautions to secure their bikes. The combination of expensive bikes and a false sense of security makes a college campus enticing to bike thieves. With a few precautions and some common sense, you can drastically decrease the chances of your bike being stolen.

Indoor Bicycle Storage

Locking your bike in indoor storage is the most secure option. Indoor bike storage is available for every residence hall. Please talk with you Hall Advisor for the nearest secure bike storage location.

You must register your bike with Community Safety if you wish to store your bicycle in indoor storage. Unregistered bikes will be removed by Community Safety and held for up to 60 days before being donated. 

Bicycle Locks

No matter how long you plan on leaving your bike to a rack, whether it's for two minutes or two hours; always lock your bike.

When purchasing a lock for your bike, remember you get what you pay for. High quality U-locks tend to be the most secure, but are not impenetrable. The most common tools used by thieves are bolt cutters, which can easily cut through chains, cables, or padlocks.

If at all possible, lock your bike in an enclosed and secured bike storage area on campus. If you leave your bike outside on a rack, lock it in a highly visible and well-traveled area. If you have accessories on your bike remove them. Always use designated bike racks rather than light poles, railings, benches, or other unsecured places.

Never lock your bicycle to a stairwell inside a residence hall; it's a safety hazard and out of compliance with fire codes. In the event of an emergency, your bike could be come a dangerous obstacle for people trying to exit the building.

Registering your Bicycle

Whether you store your bicycle outdoors or inside, you'll want to register your bike for added security. Community Safety has partnered with Project 529 for our bicycle registration program. Through Project 529, it is extremely easy to register your bicycle for more protection, and the cost of the program is covered by Reed College. Make sure you have your bicycle's serial number, found on the frame of the bicycle, and follow this link to the specific Project 529 landing page for Reed College. The entire process is quick and easy.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Community Safety. This program is available through the college only to the Reed community of students, staff, and faculty. The city of Portland also has a bike registration service with Project 529 which members of the public may use.

Abandoned Bicycles

Community Safety is responsible for clearing abandoned bikes from campus. A bike may be considered abandoned if it has sat for an extended period of time, is missing parts, or is registered to a student no longer registered with the college. Bikes believed to be abandoned will be tagged, with a red tag. If the owner of the bike does not follow instructions on the tag and contact us within 7 days the bike will be seized. Community Safety will then hold the bike for 60 days. After that time if an owner has not come forward the bike will be donated to charity. 

Bicycle Safety Tips
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Use bicycle paths when available
  • Use hand signals when appropriate
  • Watch out for pedestrians and motorists
  • Always ride in the same direction as the traffic
  • Use caution when passing parked cars as doors can be opened without warning
  • Use front and rear lights after dark
  • Always wear a helmet

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