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Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill



Do you know what to do in an earthquake? Reed College participates in the international Great ShakeOut Earthquake drill every year. 

The annual international ShakeOut earthquake drill is officially held on the third Thursday every October. Countries all around the world are encouraged to participate to help their citizens prepare for the possibility of an earthquake occurring in their area.

This year, the third Thursday in October fell during Reed's fall break, so Reed College held its ShakeOut drill on Thursday, October 27th at 10:27am. This year, Community Safety received many great photos of participants during the drill! Three individual winners were chosen and a special shout out goes to a whole history class and a whole linguistics class for participating and sending in group photos! It was fantastic seeing so many practicing DROP! COVER! HOLD ON!

 student ducking underneath desk
Eve Nañez demonstrating some fantastic safety skills, not only sheltering underneath a desk, but also wearing a helmet and having the presence of mind to grab the "Disaster plan" binders in the archives!

student ducking underneath pool table
Aria Killebrew Bruehl sheltering underneath the pool table in the GCC! Pool tables aren't just for fun kids, they can save lives!

student ducking underneath desk in mail room
Ama Ogoussan didn't forget to save her banana when she ducked underneath this desk in the mail room!  Notice the bag has been left unprotected in the open, she knows where her priorities lie!


For the 2022 ShakeOut, Community Safety gave away these awesome high quality Mover Max emergency kits from Judy. Check it out!


exterior picture of Judy emergency kit photo of Judy emergency kit contents

The Great Shakeout!

earthquake poster stating to drop, cover, and hold on