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The Reed College parking program has been developed to contribute to the safe, orderly, and efficient movement of vehicles and persons on campus.

Authority of Community Safety
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Authority of Community Safety

The president of Reed College designates the Community Safety office to be responsible for the control and regulation of vehicles on college property. The Director of Community Safety is charged with determining the methods used to enforce the college parking regulations. All Community Safety Officers enforce the parking and traffic regulations of the college and provide related services for students, members of the faculty and staff, and other users of campus parking facilities.

Alternative Methods of Transportation

Reed College encourages member of the Reed community to walk, bicycle, or use the TriMet bus or light rail system.

  • Walk or bicycle to the college. Register your bike with Community Safety; if it is lost or stolen and then found by the Portland Police it will be returned to campus and we will contact you.
  • Carpool. Close, convenient parking spaces are set aside for those members of the community who carpool.

Driving Information

It is strongly suggested that out-of-state students visit an Oregon DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office and pick up a driver's manual with Oregon state driving rules and regulations. Some rules you should know right away are as follows:

  • Oregon requires the wearing of seat belts when operating or being a passenger in a vehicle. Failure to wear seat belts is a Class D traffic infraction (Oregon Vehicle Code 811.210).
  • Oregon requires all vehicles to have liability insurance. Proof of insurance is required to be in the vehicle at all times. Driving while uninsured is a Class B traffic infraction (Oregon Vehicle Code 806.010). You can get an Oregon proof of insurance card from your insurance agent.
  • Oregon allows the use of studded tires from November 1 to April 1.
  • Oregon has an open container law. It is unlawful to drink any alcoholic beverage while operating a motor vehicle. It is also unlawful to possess any open or seal-broken container of liquor while operating a motor vehicle. This does not apply to containers stored in the trunk or an area of the vehicle not normally occupied by the driver or passenger(s). The open container violation is a Class B traffic infraction (Oregon Vehicle Code 811.170).

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration at Reed is free. The college encourages drivers to register their vehicles with Community Safety. This will allow us to attempt to find you if there is a problem with your vehicle or if it is about to be towed for a violation. You may register your vehicle online with our Vehicle Registration Form (login required).

Parking Information

Dedicated parking spaces are provided only for drivers with disabilities, college-owned vehicles, carpool vehicles, and vehicles on campus for a limited time. All other (non-restricted) parking is available on an equal basis to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

All members of the community who drive to the campus should respect the following guidelines:

  • Those who will not be using a vehicle for several days should let Community Safety know where their vehicle is parked.
  • Park in college lots and not on the streets surrounding the campus.
  • Park only in designated parking areas and spaces.


A parking violator will normally be issued two warning citations and fined $25 for each subsequent citation during that fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

Any vehicle that has accumulated more than seven parking citations will be issued a final warning notice. Should the vehicle be parked illegally again, the Community Safety Officer may have it towed from college property and impounded at the owner's expense.


Community Safety Officers issue citations for the following reasons:

  • Parking in fire lanes.
  • Parking in a loading zone.
  • Occupying more than one space.
  • Parking on grass or in "no parking" areas.
  • Parking in other non-designated parking areas.
  • Parking in a disabled parking space without displaying an Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) parking permit. This incurs a $50 fine, and the car may be towed.

All fines will be recorded in the business office and must be paid there. Parking fines issued to students must be paid before a college transcript will be released.

Citation Appeals

The Community Safety office, as designated by the college president, is responsible for the control and regulation of vehicles on all college property. The Director of Community Safety is charged with determining the methods used to enforce college parking regulations.

All parking violation appeals must be made to the Director of Community Safety within one week of receipt of the citation. The appeal may be made in person (bring the citation with you), by email, or in writing. The appeal must contain the date, time, and location of the offense and outline the circumstances upon which the appeal is based. The Director of Community Safety will notify the appellant of the outcome.


Reed College reserves the right to tow a vehicle immediately and without prior notice or warning when a vehicle:

  • Blocks a sidewalk, pedestrian walkway, driveway, or roadway.
  • Blocks another vehicle from entering or exiting a parking space, area of campus, or parking lot.
  • Is parked in a posted disabled or "tow-away" zone.
  • Is parked in or blocking a loading zone or service area.
  • Is left abandoned or unused on campus.
  • Belongs to violators who fail to pay or to make arrangements with the business office to pay fines.
  • Presents a hazard, or potential hazard, to the college or to the Reed community as determined by the Director of Community Safety.


Contact Community Safety

CSOs: 503/517-5355
Text CSOs: 503/849-8678
Office: 28 West

Kathy Silke
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Gary Granger

Julie Houser
Assistant Director

Cindy Begg
Night Shift Manager

Aaron Kennedy

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