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December 5, 2022 - December 11, 2022

Weekly Activity:

Alarm checks: 15
Animal issue responses: 0
AOD interactions: 1
Building patrols: 278
Candle/incense violation interactions: 0
Community assistance responses: 4
Escorts: 4
Fire responses: 0
Foot patrols: 196
Held door checks: 3
Maintenance issue responses: 5
Medical assistance responses: 3
Noise complaint responses: 4
Suspicious circumstance responses: 12
Theft reports taken: 0
Unlocks: 66
Vehicle patrols: 268
Vehicle assistance responses: 6
Welfare check responses: 0


Weekly Reports:


The office of Community Safety invites all community members to provide feedback to us on our services by using the Let Us Know How We’re Doing link on our website. Feedback may be made anonymously or with your name and contact information if you would like follow up.


Narcan doses discovered missing this week: 0


Case #: 220453
Date: 2022 12 05
Time: 1312
Description: Exclusion
Location: Northwest Quadrant

Notes: A CSO on patrol in the northwest quadrant encountered an unknown individual. When the CSO requested to see the individual’s Reed ID the individual threatened the CSO's physical safety. The CSO issued a verbal exclusion and escorted the individual off of campus without incident.


Case #: 220454
Date: 2022 12 05
Time: 2137
Description: Cannabis Use or Possession
Location: Sequoia residence hall

Notes: A CSO on patrol encountered three individuals sitting on a bench near Sequoia residence hall. The CSO encountered the odor of cannabis and observed two of the individuals passing between each other what appeared to be a joint. The CSO approached the individuals who confirmed that they were Reed students. The students stated that the joint was “mostly lotus flowers” and that because they did not roll the joint themselves were unable to confirm whether or not the joint contained cannabis. The CSO shared their observation that they could smell the odor of cannabis. The student holding the joint snuffed the remainder and as there appeared to be no other cannabis products or paraphernalia in the vicinity, the CSO continued on their patrol.


Case #: 220455
Date: 2022 12 06
Time: 1224
Description: Medical Assist - Other
Location: Academic building

Notes: CSOs responded to a request for medical attention at an academic building. Upon arrival they met with a non-community member who had fainted and since regained consciousness. The CSOs evaluated the individual for any signs of continuing medical distress and as they spoke with the individual, the individual began to feel better and the CSOs observed the individual’s physical condition appeared to be visibly improving also. The CSOs cleared from the call without the need for further medical intervention. 


Case #: 220456
Date: 2022 12 06
Time: 2105
Description: Medical Assist - Other
Location: Campus

Notes: CSOs responded to a request for medical assistance on campus. Upon arrival, the CSOs met with two Reed students, one of whom was possibly experiencing an allergic reaction. American Medical Response (AMR) was requested for further evaluation and care. Upon arrival and evaluation it was recommended that the student be transported to a nearby medical facility for further assistance. The student declined AMR transport and stated that their friend would give them a ride instead. The CSOs cleared the call once all other parties had left.


Case #: 220457
Date: 2022 12 08
Time: 0024
Description: Noise Complaint
Location: Reed College Apartments

Notes: A CSO responded to a report of a noise complaint at the RCAs. The CSO made contact with the involved parties and resolved the issue for the evening.


Case #: 220458
Date: 2022 12 08
Time: 0326
Description: Medical Amnesty/Medical Assist - Alcohol
Location: Residence hall

Notes: A CSO responded to a request for medical assistance regarding the ingestion of alcohol. Upon arrival, the CSO met with a student who had ingested multiple alcoholic beverages in a comparatively short amount of time and was feeling unwell. After an evaluation referencing the CS yellow card “Signs of alcohol or other drug overdose emergencies” the CSO determined that the student was not in need of urgent medical attention and encouraged the student to eat some food. The student’s friends obliged in fetching some food for the student who ate and then lied down for a bit. After a little while the student was feeling well enough to walk unassisted to their residence, at which time the CSO cleared from the call.


Case #: 220459
Date: 2022 12 08
Time: 0912
Description: Damage to Property
Location: West Lot

Notes: A CSO on patrol in the West Lot encountered a vehicle that had its rear passenger window broken out. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and plastic was taped over the window to protect the vehicle’s interior from the elements. The CSO noted that on a prior patrol one hour earlier, the vehicle had been intact with no noticeable damage.


CS Survey Responses:

Every week Community Safety requests survey responses from those who've had interactions with a member of the Community Safety team. These responses are always collected anonymously with the option for the responder to leave contact information if they would like for a member of Community Safety management to contact them, and are used internally for departmental performance tracking. Community Safety has opted to publish these survey results for transparency and community accountability. *Names and pronouns mentioned in survey responses will be redacted to protect the privacy of individuals.

In addition to surveys sent directly to those who have interacted with Community Safety, the Reed community is always encouraged to independently complete the survey regarding Community Safety's performance.
You can take the survey here: CS Survey  

Responses collected 12 12 2022
Other Complaints or Comments (please specify) Noise Complaint Below expectations As a woman, I find it highly inappropriate for two (redacted) CSOs (who I have never interacted with before) to demand to enter my apartment/bedroom after midnight while I am alone and in pajamas to verify a repeated noise complaint that has already been verified by CSOs in the past. Not only that but it was given as an ultimatum - because I would not consent to what they wanted (a situation that made me feel unsafe) they would not interact with the neighbor. [CS NOTE: CSOs were asked to look into a complaint about noise that could not be heard outside of the apartment]
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AOD Below expectations The (redacted) looked like (redacted) was high and wanted a hit off our (herb-filled) joint. Perhaps (redacted) should work on (redacted) own drug problem instead of attempting to bust us for smoking catnip and lotus flower. Also, when I asked the consequences and the next steps following the AOD, (redacted) dodged the question and instead stared at us like we were offending (redacted) fragile ego! :)
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Unlock Met expectations I called CSOs to ask for maintenance help for my smoke detector to be fixed. Maintenance and CSOs helped perfectly and it was very easy to organize a way to fix my smoke detector
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Unlock Met expectations
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Other Complaints or Comments (please specify) attempted aod for hemp Below expectations **** ** **** gary [CS NOTE: a vulger imperative was redacted]
Escort Met expectations