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We are overjoyed that you are here! Community Safety wants to help you stay safe during your college experience. Please take a moment to review these helpful safety tips, and if you have any questions, we are available 24/7. You can call us at 503/517-5355, text us at 503/849-8678, or email us at

Campus Safety Tips for New and Returning Students

  • Residence safety:
    • Don’t leave your residence (yes, even in the dorms) without locking up, no matter how quickly you plan to return.
    • Make it your practice to close and lock your windows, and windows in common spaces.
    • Keep your blinds and curtains closed when sleeping and/or at night.
    • Pick up a laptop lock to make sure your term paper doesn’t walk away while you grab a snack.
    • Use a small safe to keep your valuables protected from well-meaning roomies or unexpected “guests.”
    • Always lock up your bike securely with a U-Lock. 
  • Out and about safety:
    • Be aware of your surroundings by being able to see and hear what is happening around you.
    • Let a friend know where you’re going if you’re going somewhere by yourself. 
    • Do not leave valuables, food, or drinks unattended in common spaces.
    • Do not leave an event with people you don’t know.
    • If you’re venturing into the Canyon, make sure you have a working flashlight in case you lose track of time and have to make your way out after dark.
  • After dark campus safety:
    • Have the Community Safety Emergency number programmed into your phone: 503-788-6666. Call 911 for off-campus emergencies.
    • Know the locations of campus emergency phones along the routes you use: Map - List
    • Use the best lit and most frequently traveled pathway available.
    • Travel with a companion, when possible, or talk with someone on the phone while walking.
    • Do not use earbuds or headphones that prevent you from hearing around you while walking at night.
    • Carry a powerful flashlight.
    • Carry a whistle or noise-making device.
    • Call Community Safety for an escort 24/7 - 503-517-5355


Community Safety Officers (CSOs) are on duty 24/7/365. CSOs patrol all campus areas, provide community services (e.g., safety escorts, door unlocks, jump starts, etc.), take crime reports, and respond to emergencies.

community safety and residence life sign on door of 28 west

CSOs are trained to provide emergency medical assistance and to call for police/fire/medical responders when necessary. Community Safety has trained staff to receive and investigate reports of sexual assault and/or refer reports to both internal and external resources. Community Safety staffs the college's switchboard and triages request for most services after hours. Community Safety staff help ensure the safest possible campus through continuing collaboration with the Reed community and beyond.

Our Mission

Provide a safe college community through collaboration.

Community Safety Equity and Anti-Racism Initiative

Sexual Assault Resources

For more information on sexual assault resources, see the Sexual Health, Advocacy & Relationship Education website.

Title IX Coordinator

For information on Title IX reporting and complaint resolution, see the Title IX Coordinator website.

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