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Suspect is still at large! If seen, do NOT engage...or maybe do if you have unsalted peanuts...**

As taken from the Blotter:
Case #: 230096
Date: 2023 03 09
Time: 1249
Description: Theft - Other
Location: 28 West
Notes: Three students arrived at 28 West to pick up a delivery of cupcakes that had been left for one of the students. The box had been left on the delivery table just outside of the west entrance to the building. The student to whom the cupcakes belonged re-entered the building to report that the box had been ripped open and one of the cupcakes had been removed. The Dispatcher and a Community Safety Manager (CSM) offered to watch the security camera footage to see if they could identify what had happened. While watching the footage, the Dispatcher and CSM observed that at approximately 1225 hours, a squirrel jumped up onto the table, ripped open the clear plastic on the top of the box, then left. Shortly after, the squirrel returned and removed one of the cupcakes. CSOs were unable to determine which of the dozens of squirrels living nearby had been the culprit. It remains at large. The student victim requested to record the security footage on their cell phone to share with the person who purchased the cupcakes for them, and Community Safety agreed to this record release.

Gray squirrel sitting next to box of cupcakes on outdoor tableGray squirrel sitting on top of cupcake box
Gray squirrel hopping off of table, cupcake in hand

**Community Safety does not actually advise engaging with wild animals, even if they are super cute.

Community Safety Officers (CSOs) are on duty 24/7/365. CSOs patrol all campus areas, provide community services (e.g., safety escorts, door unlocks, jump starts, etc.), take crime reports, and respond to emergencies.

community safety and residence life sign on door of 28 west

CSOs are trained to provide emergency medical assistance and to call for police/fire/medical responders when necessary. Community Safety has trained staff to receive and investigate reports of sexual assault and/or refer reports to both internal and external resources. Community Safety staffs the college's switchboard and triages request for most services after hours. Community Safety staff help ensure the safest possible campus through continuing collaboration with the Reed community and beyond.

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