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November 28, 2022 - December 04, 2022

Weekly Activity:

Alarm checks: 16
Animal issue responses: 0
AOD interactions: 1
Building patrols: 218
Candle/incense violation interactions: 0
Community assistance responses: 0
Escorts: 3
Fire responses: 0
Foot patrols: 212
Held door checks: 11
Maintenance issue responses: 4
Medical assistance responses: 1
Noise complaint responses: 2
Suspicious circumstance responses: 15
Theft reports taken: 2
Unlocks: 87
Vehicle patrols: 230
Vehicle assistance responses: 2
Welfare check responses: 3


Weekly Reports:


The office of Community Safety invites all community members to provide feedback to us on our services by using the Let Us Know How We’re Doing link on our website. Feedback may be made anonymously or with your name and contact information if you would like follow up.


Narcan doses discovered missing this week: 2


Case #: 220443
Date: 2022 11 28
Time: 2257
Description: Suspicious Person/Activity/Circumstances
Location: Birchwood Apartments

Notes: CSOs responded to a report of an unknown individual attempting to gain entry into a Birchwood apartment. The reporting party also stated that the individual may be in need of medical assistance. Upon arrival the CSOs encountered sitting near the apartment they had attempted to enter. When the CSOs asked if the individual required medical assistance the individual began to swear and shout at them. The CSOs asked that the individual keep their voice down due to the late hour and requested that the individual exit the campus. The individual did so without incident after a few more moments of conversation.


Case #: 220444
Date: 2022 11 29
Time: 1115
Description: Exclusion
Location: Central Campus

Notes: A CSO assisted in escorting a separated employee off of the Reed campus.


Case #: 220445

Date: 2022 11 30
Time: 2342
Description: Medical Amnesty/Medical Transport - Alcohol
Location: Residence Hall

Notes: A CSO responded to a request for medical assistance in a residence hall. Upon arrival, the CSO met with two students, one of whom had ingested a large amount of alcohol. After an evaluation and discussion with the responding Area Coordinator, it was determined that the student should be evaluated further by medical professionals. American Medical Response was called and transported the student to a nearby medical facility.


Case #: 220446
Date: 2022 12 01
Time: 1132
Description: Theft - Bike
Location: Birchwood Apartments

Notes: Dispatch received an email reporting that a Reed owned bicycle had been stolen from where it was secured at the Birchwood apartments bike rack. The bike is a Rock Hopper Specialized mountain bike. 


Case #: 220447
Date: 2022 12 02 
Time: 1401
Description: Unattended Alcohol or Drugs
Location: Eliot Hall

Notes: While preparing for the Spring/Fall Thesis Parade celebration, the CS Director encountered four unattended cases of champagne sitting behind the benches on the south side of Eliot Hall. The Director requested a CSO bring a vehicle to pick up the unattended alcohol. No one had arrived to claim the alcohol by the time a CSO arrived so the alcohol was taken to 28 West for safekeeping until a Reed student of legal drinking age was able to take possession of the alcohol. Approximately 10 minutes after the champagne was delivered to 28 West a student approached the Director, who was at the Gray Campus Center at the time, and asked if the Director knew of the whereabouts of the alcohol. The Director explained where the alcohol could be found and why, and the student and friends retrieved the alcohol for the Spring/Fall celebration.


Case #: 220448
Date: 2022 12 02 
Time: 1625
Description: Cannabis Use or Possession
Location: Eliot Hall

Notes: While on patrol near Eliot Hall, the CS Director encountered two students smoking a substance, which smelled like cannabis, out of a glass pipe. When approached the students stated that the substance was CBD and did not contain the psychoactive ingredients of typical cannabis. The Director asked the student if they had the commercial container showing the type of substance that the students had, and one of the students stated that they had it at their residence and would provide it as proof that the substance was non-psychoactive. When asked, one of the students provided their Reed ID card, however the other initially objected. When reminded that it was required to provide proof of Reed ID when asked by any community member, the student did offer up their ID card. As of the writing of the report approximately 3 hours after the encounter, neither student had contacted the Director with proof that the substance was legally obtained CBD. 


Case #: 220449
Date: 2022 12 03
Time: 0919
Description: Vandalism/Bias-Related Incident/Clery Act Reportable Incident
Location: Campus

Notes: A vehicle in a Reed parking lot was found with four smashed out windows and targeting graffiti spray painted on the driver side doors. The owner of the vehicle has been contacted and this report is being followed up on by multiple departments. 


Case #: 220450 - VOID REPORT


Case #: 220451
Date: 2022 12 04
Time: 2349
Description: Welfare Check
Location: 28 West

Notes: A CSO responded to a request for assistance with a safety plan for a community member. 


Case #: 220452
Date: 2022 11 05
Time: 1312
Description: No Contact Order Violation
Location: Campus 

Notes: The Director of Community Safety followed up on a report of a No Contact Order violation.


CS Survey Responses:

Every week Community Safety requests survey responses from those who've had interactions with a member of the Community Safety team. These responses are always collected anonymously with the option for the responder to leave contact information if they would like for a member of Community Safety management to contact them, and are used internally for departmental performance tracking. Community Safety has opted to publish these survey results for transparency and community accountability. *Names and pronouns mentioned in survey responses will be redacted to protect the privacy of individuals.

In addition to surveys sent directly to those who have interacted with Community Safety, the Reed community is always encouraged to independently complete the survey regarding Community Safety's performance.
You can take the survey here: CS Survey  

Responses collected 12 05 2022
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