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October 9, 2023 - October 15, 2023

Weekly Activity:

Alarm checks: 8
Animal issue responses: 0
AOD interactions: 2
Building patrols: 311
Candle/incense violation interactions: 0
Community assistance responses: 2
Escorts: 10
Fire responses: 0
Foot patrols: 191
Held door checks: 3
Maintenance issue responses: 3
Medical assistance responses: 0
Noise complaint responses: 1
Suspicious circumstance responses: 12
Theft reports taken: 2
Unlocks: 102
Vehicle patrols: 222
Vehicle assistance responses: 1
Welfare check responses: 3


Weekly Reports:


The office of Community Safety invites all community members to provide feedback to us on our services by using the Let Us Know How We’re Doing link on our website. Feedback may be made anonymously or with your name and contact information if you would like follow up.


Narcan doses discovered missing this week: 0


Case #: 230365
Date: 2023 10 10
Time: 00:57
Description: Welfare Check
Location: Residence Hall

Notes: Two CSOs responded to a request for assistance with a student possibly experiencing a mental health crisis. The CSOs communicated with the on-call area coordinator to formulate a plan of action. With aid from the student’s friends, the situation was de-escalated. Once the student was feeling better and got themself ready for bed, the CSOs departed.

Case #: 230366
Date: 2023 10 10
Time: 12:02
Description: Burglary
Location: Scholz

Notes: A CSO responded to a report of bike theft from the Scholz bike storage. The CSO met with a student who reported that their bike was missing from where it had been secured to the bike rack in the storage room. The bike rack also appeared to be damaged from the tool used to commit the theft. The CSO submitted a work order to fix the issue, and encouraged the student to also file a police report.

Case #: 230367
Date: 2023 10 10
Time: 15:52
Description: Accident
Location: Farm House

Notes: A CSO responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident on campus property. A member of the Reed community stated that they had experienced a mechanical failure and lost control of their vehicle. The driver was unharmed but the vehicle sustained some damage, as did two trees along the perimeter of the Oak Meadow on the West side of campus.

Case #: 230368
Date: 2023 10 11
Time: 15:45
Description: Suspicious Person/Activity/Circumstances
Location: Bragdon

Notes: A CSO on patrol encountered an unattended fire extinguisher outside of Bragdon residence hall. The extinguisher was empty, although there were no signs of a fire occurring in the area. Environmental Health and Safety has been notified, and a work order has been placed for refilling of the fire extinguisher.

Case #: 230369
Date: 2023 10 11
Time: 23:11
Description: Student Concern
Location: Campus

Notes: A CSO responded to a request for a welfare check on a student. The CSO met with the student, and emergency services were requested for further evaluation. The CSO and the on-call area coordinator (OCAC) waited with the student. American Medical Response paramedics recommended the student be transported to a facility for further care. Once the student was en-route to the facility, the CSO and OCAC cleared the scene.

Case #: 230370
Date: 2023 10 12
Time: 16:24
Description: Theft of Motor Vehicle
Location: West Lot

Notes: A CSO responded to a report of a potential vehicle theft from the West Lot. The CSO met with the vehicle owner and helped them search for the vehicle, as the vehicle owner wasn’t positive about the exact location in which they’d parked the vehicle. After a thorough search of all Reed parking lots, the CSO concluded that the vehicle had most likely been stolen and suggested the vehicle owner also file a police report.

Case #: 230371
Date: 2023 10 14
Time: 20:11
Description: Maintenance Issue
Location: Land Bridge

Notes: A CSO was on vehicle patrol with the CS electric cart near the land bridge (also known as the Fish Ladder), when they drove over a series of bumps that appeared to have damaged the vehicle. The CSO observed that one of the cart’s wheels had been dislocated and appeared to be shifted inward. Since the CSO was so close to the Physical Plant, they parked the cart safely near the building, radioed Dispatch to notify facilities of the damaged cart, and continued their patrol on foot.

Case #: 230372
Date: 2023 10 15
Time: 21:25
Description: Evidence of Drug Use
Location: Bidwell

Notes: A CSO on patrol encountered the odor of cannabis near Bidwell. Upon following the apparent originating location of the odor, the odor grew stronger and the CSO encountered a student who was sitting on a Bidwell residence patio. The CSO shared their observation with the student, who stated that they were not smoking cannabis, but rather just listening to an audiobook. The CSO stated that their response would be noted in the report but would still need to document the student’s ID. The student was cooperative and the CSO resumed patrol.

Case #: 230373
Date: 2023 10 15
Time: 23:42
Description: Alcohol Violation
Location: The Grove Dorms

Notes: A CSO on vehicle patrol spotted an individual sleeping on the lawn behind the Grove Complex. Upon approach, the CSO identified the individual as a Reed student whom they had encountered in a previous situation. The CSO tried to wake the student with little success for a few minutes. The student struggled to speak coherently and confirmed that they had consumed alcohol, but couldn’t remember how much alcohol they had consumed. The student was escorted back to their dorm, and was provided with resources in case the student needed further support.


CS Survey Responses:

Every week Community Safety requests survey responses from those who've had interactions with a member of the Community Safety team. These responses are always collected anonymously with the option for the responder to leave contact information if they would like for a member of Community Safety management to contact them, and are used internally for departmental performance tracking. Community Safety has opted to publish these survey results for transparency and community accountability. *Names and pronouns mentioned in survey responses will be redacted to protect the privacy of individuals.

In addition to surveys sent directly to those who have interacted with Community Safety, the Reed community is always encouraged to independently complete the survey regarding Community Safety's performance.
You can take the survey here: CS Survey  

Responses collected 10 16 2023
Unlock Surpassed expectations They came quickly and were very friendly.
Unlock Met expectations
Medical Assist Met expectations
Escort Met expectations
Unlock Met expectations
Unlock Met expectations n/a
Unlock Surpassed expectations
Escort Below expectations I mentioned my injuries to the driver and eventually, it got reported to (Redacted). I didn't realize I was consenting to my injuries being shared with other CSOs and I didn't realize I was being questioned for a purpose. I understand now (even after being told incorrectly otherwise) that this service isn't for injured students. I just was really uncomfortable about all of it.
Medical Assist Surpassed expectations I had a positive experience with my recent interaction. Not only was the person on the other end of the phone easy to interact with and prompt in sending a car, they also called the HCC ahead of time to confirm that they could accommodate a walk-in, which was extremely convenient and helpful. The CSO who drove me was nice and we struck up a fun casual conversation. Tell them thank you! If I find myself in a similar situation in the future, I would even be excited to utilize your super-helpful service again.
Unlock Surpassed expectations
Escort Surpassed expectations As always I was treated with warm regards.