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April 17, 2023 - April 23, 2023

Weekly Activity:

Alarm checks: 10
Animal issue responses: 0
AOD interactions: 1
Building patrols: 348
Candle/incense violation interactions: 0
Community assistance responses: 1
Escorts: 5
Fire responses: 0
Foot patrols: 211
Held door checks: 14
Maintenance issue responses: 2
Medical assistance responses: 1
Noise complaint responses: 2
Suspicious circumstance responses: 11
Theft reports taken: 2
Unlocks: 63
Vehicle patrols: 252
Vehicle assistance responses: 0
Welfare check responses: 1


Weekly Reports:


The office of Community Safety invites all community members to provide feedback to us on our services by using the Let Us Know How We’re Doing link on our website. Feedback may be made anonymously or with your name and contact information if you would like follow up.


Narcan doses discovered missing this week: 0


Case #: 230150
Date: 2023 04 17
Time: 1401
Description: Information Only
Location: 28 West

Notes: Community Safety received a communication from an excluded individual in regards to a Reed alum. 


Case #: 230151
Date: 2023 04 17
Time: 1626
Description: Theft - Bike
Location: ODB

Notes: A CSO responded to a report of a bike theft from ODB. The CSO met with a student who stated that they had left their bike leaning against an interior wall inside the ODB basement. The bike had been stored there since February and had just that day gone missing. The bike is a silver REI Co-op bike. The CSO recommended the student also file a police report.


Case #: 230152
Date: 2023 04 19
Time: 0816
Description: Animal Issue
Location: Library

Notes: A confidential report was made in regards to a Reed community member’s dog being disruptive in the library. The Community Safety director reached out to the dog owner to alert them to the situation and find a satisfactory resolution for all parties.


Case #: 230153 - VOID REPORT


Case #: 230154
Date: 2023 04 20
Time: 1637
Description: Cannabis Use or Possession
Location: GCC

Notes: The director of Community Safety encountered the odor of cannabis while hosting the 4/20 “Doughnuts not drugs” event on the south side of the GCC. The director followed the odor until he arrived at a student holding a cannabis joint and exhaling smoke. When the director approached and greeted the student, the student returned the greeting and handed to the director a plastic container which held the remains of the joint. The director reminded the student that the event was to encourage students to eat doughnuts instead of smoke cannabis on 4/20, and that the event was supposed to be an inclusive space where all students could feel comfortable, including those who were not comfortable around substance use. The student apologized for, what they stated was, a misunderstanding on their part and the director returned to his event hosting duties.  


Case #: 230155 - VOID REPORT


Case #: 230156
Date: 2023 04 20
Time: 1741
Description: Theft from Vehicle
Location: West Lot

Notes: A CSO responded to a report of a suspicious individual possibly siphoning gas from a vehicle parked in the West Lot. The CSO did not encounter any suspicious individuals or activity when they arrived at the West Lot. They did encounter the odor of gasoline and observed a puddle of what appeared to be gas on the ground in an empty parking space near the Reed vans. They spread absorbent on the puddle. They then spoke with the reporting individual, a Reed staff member, who stated that the two individuals responsible for siphoning the gas drove away in a black Hyundai sedan, and that they had backed their vehicle into the staff member’s vehicle during their swift exit. The staff member reported very minimal damage to their vehicle. The CSO returned to 28 West to exchange information with Dispatch, then returned to the West Lot to meet with a Reed staff member from Environmental Health and Safety to spread additional absorbent material around the vans, whose gas tanks had been punctured.


Case #: 230157
Date: 2023 04 22
Time: 0446
Description: Damage to Property
Location: Sports Center

Notes: A CSO on patrol observed that a handrail on the north side of the sports center had been removed. A report was entered in case this was an unsanctioned removal of Reed property.


Case #: 230158
Date: 2023 04 23
Time: 1048
Description: Medical Assist - Other
Location: Residence Hall

Notes: A CSO responded to a request for medical assistance in a residence hall. Upon arrival, the CSO met with two students, one of whom had unexpectedly fainted and since recovered. The other student had assisted them in lowering to the ground safely. The CSO performed an initial assessment, not observing any signs of an ongoing medical emergency, and escorted the student to their room. The CSO recommended the student receive follow up care at a medical facility, as the HCC was closed at that time. The student accompanying the student who had fainted stated that they would drive the other student to a medical facility. 


Case #: 230159
Date: 2023 04 23
Time: 1250
Description: Theft from Vehicle
Location: West Lot

Notes: Dispatch received a texted report that a faculty member’s vehicle parked in the West Lot had its catalytic converter stolen. The faculty member asked if it was okay to leave the vehicle in the parking lot until they had an opportunity to take it in for repairs, to which the Dispatcher said was fine. A CSO later confirmed the removal of the catalytic converter and took photos for the report.


Case #: 230160 - VOID REPORT


CS Survey Responses:

Every week Community Safety requests survey responses from those who've had interactions with a member of the Community Safety team. These responses are always collected anonymously with the option for the responder to leave contact information if they would like for a member of Community Safety management to contact them, and are used internally for departmental performance tracking. Community Safety has opted to publish these survey results for transparency and community accountability. *Names and pronouns mentioned in survey responses will be redacted to protect the privacy of individuals.

In addition to surveys sent directly to those who have interacted with Community Safety, the Reed community is always encouraged to independently complete the survey regarding Community Safety's performance.
You can take the survey here: CS Survey  

Responses collected 04 24 2023
Reporting a Theft Met expectations
Unlock Surpassed expectations I appreciate the timely response I had a Custodian locked in a Custodian closet lower level Physics CSO were there in minutes . Great job!!
Unlock Surpassed expectations
Unlock Surpassed expectations I got a very quick and efficient response. Thanks.
Unlock Surpassed expectations Super friendly help, thanks!
Other Complaints or Comments (please specify) Unlocking a classroom in the evening Surpassed expectations
AOD Surpassed expectations The CSO's I interacted with were surprisingly very patient and understanding. They were really nice and spoke to us in a calm manner. This interaction made me more likely to reach out to Community Safety if I'm ever in an emergency
Unlock Met expectations perfect help—thank you!
Unlock Surpassed expectations Community Safety is super helpful and doing a great job!
Unlock Surpassed expectations It was great. CSO came promptly, opened my door. I had taken my dog out to pee and forgotten my keys, so I appreciated the promptness and kindness of the CSO.
Unlock Surpassed expectations
Unlock Surpassed expectations I really appreciate the kindness and patience with me.
Unlock Surpassed expectations
Unlock Surpassed expectations
Vehicle Assist Met expectations