Community Safety

Division of Student Life

Reed College Narcan/Naloxone Emergency Kit Program


 white naloxone emergency kit case with red lettering affixed to wall interior of naloxone emergency kit, inside door on left is leaflet instructions for use, right side of kid has two shelves. Top shelf has face mask in keychain case, bottom shelf has two nasal Narcan doses in packaging
       28 West naloxone emergency kit        28 West naloxone emergency kit interior

In collaboration with Reed's Health & Counseling Center, Community Safety ensures that Naloxone/Narcan is available across campus. There are 46 opiate overdose prevention kits located around campus that each contain a CPR shield and two doses of Narcan brand nasal naloxone. There is one kit in every residence hall, 17 in non-residential campus buildings, and an additional three in first aid kits carried by Community Safety Officers. CSOs do weekly audits of all the naloxone, and replace doses as needed (when they are used, or near their expiration date). Every CSO is trained in basic first aid, including CPR, how to use an AED, and how to administer nasal naloxone.

For more information on nasal naloxone, and how it is administered, please view this video created by the Multnomah County Health Department:

Narcan/Naloxone locations on campus:

  • 28 West
  • HCC
  • Kaul
  • Sports Center
  • Greenwood
  • PAB
  • GCC
  • Eliot
  • Vollum
  • Parker House
  • Art
  • Biology/Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Library
  • ETC
  • Greywood
  • Birchwood Apartments
  • Reed College Apartments
  • Canyon House
  • Garden House
  • Farm House
  • Sitka Residence Hall
  • Sequoia Residence Hall
  • Aspen Residence Hall
  • Bidwell Residence Hall
  • Trillium
  • Naito Residence Hall
  • Sullivan Residence Hall
  • McKinley Residence Hall
  • Griffin Residence Hall
  • Woodbridge Residence Hall
  • Chittick Residence Hall
  • Bragdon Residence Hall
  • MacNaughton Residence Hall
  • Foster/Scholz Residence Hall
  • Anna Mann Residence Hall
  • ODB: Winch
  • Chinese House
  • French House
  • German House
  • Russian House
  • Spanish House
  • CS Vehicle 1: Subaru
  • CS Vehicle 2: Honda
  • CS Small medical bag (Dispatch)