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Converting csv files with UTF8 Data for Excel on the Mac

When you generate or receive a csv (comma-separated value) file that contains special characters from the UTF8 character set (é, for example), Excel for the Mac will not properly preserve the special characters. However, if you first open the file in Google Sheets, the special characters will be preserved.

Load csv file into Google Drive

Log into your Reed Google account. Open "My Drive". Click on the Upload button, choose "Files", and find your csv file on your computer or a drive you're connected to (such as Homeserver).

Load csv into google drive

Open uploaded file in Google Sheets

From "My Drive" in Google, find the csv file you've uploaded, right-click the file, choose "Open with", then select "Google Sheets".

Open file in Google Sheets

As you'll see, Google Sheets preserves the special characters and displays them correctly.

Google Sheets preserves special characters

Download file as Excel document

From the "File" menu, select "Download as", then select "Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)".

Download file as Excel document

You will be prompted to choose where to save the file, it will be downloaded to that location, and will open in Excel on your Mac.

Special characters now preserved in Excel for the Mac