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Banner 9 Tips

Banner 9 is the latest version of Banner, being implemented fall 2018 through winter 2019. This is a collection of tips that we're adding to as we implement.

Accessing Banner 9

Any web browser can be used for connecting to Banner 9.

The links to connect to Banner 9 (TEST or REAL) are on the staffapps page.

Note: if you're still using Banner 8, you still need to use "Firefox for Banner" or Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to it.

Bookmarking Banner 9

If you prefer to bookmark the links to the Banner 9 interface, you cannot bookmark the page you get after clicking on the Banner 9 TEST (or REAL) links from the staffapps page--because it will resolve to the wrong url.

Instead, navigate to the staffapps page and drag the link you want to the bookmarks toolbar area of your browser.

For example, in Chrome or Firefox:

bookmarking Banner 9 in Firefox

Or in Safari:

bookmarking Banner 9 in Safari

Keyboard Shortcuts

This document lists Banner 8 and Banner 9 shortcuts: Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Problems Logging into Banner 9

Issue #1: "I enter my user name and password, but I don't get the Application Navigator ('Welcome to Banner') landing page."

If you have correctly provided your credentials, you can usually fix this by selecting the same Banner 9 URL from your shortcut, or the Staff Apps page. Note that simply reloading the current page will not work; you must reload the original URL you used to access Banner 9.

Issue #2: "I log in successfully and get to the Application Navigator ('Welcome to Banner') landing page, but when I try to load an admin page, I get the spinning wheel icon and the page never loads."

Click on the lock icon to end your session, then launch a new one. Most of the time, the second attempt will result in a session that will launch admin pages successfully.

Using Save and Print Option from GJIREVO

In Banner 9, when reviewing Job Submission output via the Admin Page GJIREVO, there is an option, under Tools, to "Show Document (Save and Print File)". If this is not working for you, go to the GUAUPRF Admin Page and update the "Data extract format: FILE (.csv), TEXT or WEBUTIL." line to use the "WEBUTIL" value, as shown in the following screenshot.

Note: You'll need to log out and back in before this new preference will take effect. Also, this setting will cause problems for you in Banner 8, so don't set this permission until you're no longer using Job Submission in Banner 8.



Viewing Banner Version Information

  • The release version for an individual Banner admin page is displayed on the title bar at the top of the page, next to the page name (e.g., SPAIDEN)
  • Job submission objects typically print the program version in the .log output file
  • Module versions for every installed module can be viewed on the GUAABOT page in Banner






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