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Using Xerox Copiers/Scanners

Authenticating/Logging In

You can log in to the copier either by swiping your Reed ID on the right hand side (magnetic strip facing up) or by using the "Keyboard" button on the upper right hand side of the screen and using your Kerberos login. 

This shows the page you see when you turn on the copier. The text on screen asks you to swipe your ID on the scanner or to enter in your login information with the keyboard button on the top right corner of the screen. The keyboard button has been circled red.

When you're done, you can hit your username in the upper left and select "Log Out" to log out of the machine. It will also automatically log you out after a short period of inactivity.

Selecting an Account

If you have multiple accounts, you will be prompted to select one of your accounts after you login. You can change between accounts in the "Select Account" tab of the Home page.


To copy hit "Copy" from Home and scroll down to click the options you want for the job. Then, select the number of copies you want at the top and hit the blue "Start" button on the top right side of the screen.


Scanning to Email

To scan to an email address, hit "Email" from Home, hit "New Recipient", and choose one of the following options:

You can select "Add Me” to add your email address to the Recipients list.

Or you can select "Network Address Book" to look up anyone with a Reed email to add as your Recipient.

Image of the Email screen. It shows your user in the top left and a send button on the top right. There are options to add recipients, change the subject and many more options below that.

Once you have the recipients, you can click the boxes below the recipients to change the subject of the email or the name of the file you are scanning. Place your book or document on scanner, then click "Send" at the top right side of the screen. 

The same Email screen but with more options and the "Build Job" option circled in red.

If you wish to send more than one page of scanned documents the select the option "Build Job" before you click "Send". This will replace the "Send" button with a "Scan" button. Click the "Scan" button to scan your first page. After that you'll be prompted with a "Build Job" page. When you're ready to scan your next page click the "Scan Next Segment" button. Once you're done scanning, all your pages click the "Submit" button. This will send the email. There is no need to click the "Send" button after clicking the "Submit" button.

 An image of the build job screen.

Scanning to USB Drive

To scan to a USB drive, hit "Workflow Scanning" from Home, hit "USB", insert your USB drive, set up your job options using the options below, and then hit the purple "Scan" button on the top right corner of the screen.

A screen with the Workflow options.

A screen illustrating how to insert a USB into the machine.

Printing from USB Drive

To print from a USB drive, hit "Print from" in the Home screen, hit "USB", insert your USB drive, set up your job options below, and then hit the purple "Print" button on the right hand side of the copier.

A screen with the PrintFrom options

A screen showing you how to insert a USB into the machine.An image of the PrintFrom Menu with your user name on the top left, a print button on the top right, and options below.

Scanning a Book into a Single PDF

If you want to scan multiple pages into one document this is how you'd do that.

  1. Log on to copier (with card swipe, or email username and password).
  2. Select account (scanning is not tracked or billed).
  3. Click the "Email" button.
  4. Select your recipient. For more info see above in the Email section.
  5. Click "Build Job", click "On".
  6. Change any scan settings in the options you'd like
  7. Place your book on scanner, push "Scan" on the top right corner.
  8. Turn the page on your book, place it on the scanner, and push the "Scan Next Segment" button in between every page you want scanned.
  9. When you're done scanning, click "Submit" to send the whole job to the email addresses you entered.

Scanning to PDF with OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) adapts text from a scanned page to a text-searchable PDF. 

  1. Log on to copier (with card swipe, or email username and password).
  2. Click the "Email" button.
  3. Select your recipient. For more info see above in the Email section.
  4. Click ".pdf" next to the box with the file name 
  5. Click the dropdown menu that says "PDF" and select "More" instead. 
  6. On the File Format page, click to "pdf/a". Under "Searchable", switch to "Yes"
  7. Click OK and scan your paper.


To use any other service, or if you get lost in a maze of options, you can always hit the "Home" button to get back to the main window.

Image of the Home screen with a red circle illustrating where the home button is

Where are the copiers?

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