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Zoom Phone Troubleshooting

Help, I hate my phone! Zoom Phone is a highly customizable experience. Please read on for tips and tricks to make things a little more palatable for you.

My phone rings during my Zoom meeting, make it stop!

 From the Zoom application on your computer, select Preferences from the menu: menu

Select Phone from the left-hand side and check the box for Hide Incoming calls while in a meeting


My office phone won't dial out!

Dial 1 before the area code! Even with 503.

How do I check my voicemail?

By default, all your voicemail messages are emailed to you along with an AI generated transcription. You'll find these messages under the Phone tab of your Zoom computer application as well. If you'd like to check messages from your physical desk phone, press the house button, then scroll to messages and select.