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Safety Guidelines for Traveling Abroad

Please keep the following tips in mind when traveling out of the country. These tips are also good for general travel.

Some countries, such as China and Russia, may place restrictions on certain services like Gmail, Duo, and VPN software. Please consult with CUS before your trip to minimize the disruption of your access to Reed services.

General Recommendations:

  • Carry as few electronic devices as possible, with as little data on them as possible.
  • If you must take a Reed computer, talk to CUS about borrowing loaner equipment to limit the amount of data you take.
  • Assume anything you do over the Internet will be intercepted (even if the link is encrypted).
  • Avoid using computers in cyber cafes or hotel business centers.
  • Change your Reed password (and any other password you intend to use abroad) before leaving. Then change those passwords again when you return.
  • Carry a backup two-step authentication device, such as a hardware token.
  • Check for current warnings or advisories for the specific area you will be traveling.
  • Google monitors traffic patterns which may be helpful in determining if their services are blocked in certain countries:

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