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The Law School Admission Council  (LSAC) is your official source for all things related to law school applications. Watch this overview video from the LSAC, including details on all major application components.  Use the LSAC website to:

Looking for a program with a specific area specialization? 

A joint degree program?  An LLM?  Schools with Scholarships?  Programs allowing study abroad?  A wine appreciation society (seriously…)? The Book of Law School Lists has a list for just about anything…available online.

Standard 509 Reports

One you have a list of potential institutions of interest, you are ready to dig a little deeper.  Check out the Standard 509 Reports for the schools on your list.  How do these work?  Select a school and generate the report.  This report will summarize the most relevant data on the school:  application stats, GPA percentiles, LSAT percentiles, costs, percentages of students receiving financial support, amount of support, clinical and other offerings, diversity/ethnic composition of chosen year, BAR passage rates.  Run several reports and do side by side comparisons of the schools you are considering in order to make the best informed choice.

Interested specifically in Public Interest Law?  Check out the American Bar Association, Public Interest Law Resources.

LSAT – test prep resources:

Watch the LSAT video overview. 

The Reed library hosts the Learning Express Library which offers practice sets and sample test materials online.  You must create an account to access these materials.  If you are off-campus, visit the library’s information on using remote proxy to access library databases.

Download these sources as a handout!

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