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Do I Need The Remote Access Proxy?

Users who would like to access Reed's resources (such as library resources) while off-campus will need to use the Remote Access Proxy. The proxy server is available to current Reed students, faculty and staff. If you only access resources from Reed's on-campus network, you can safely ignore the following instructions. Alumni now have access to JSTOR from off-campus.

How Do I Use It?

First, make sure that you have your network username and password handy (the same ones you use to log in to e-mail). You'll need them each time you decide to access Reed's resources remotely.

Second, you'll have configure your browser to access Reed's proxy server. You can do this one of two ways.

  • Configure your browser (currently we recommend and support Firefox in Windows & Mac OS X) to access Reed's automatic proxy configuration file. This will allow you access Reed's library resources from off-campus, without worrying about turning on/off a proxy server. Slick!

  • OR

  • Using your browser and OS of choice, you can turn on the proxy when you want to access library resources, and turn it off again when you're through.

Once configuration is complete, you should be able to remotely browse the library's resources.

It's Not Quite Working Right.

Because information is being sent back and forth in a complicated fashion, occasionally a page served by the proxy will not fully load. This can usually be fixed by clicking the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on your browser.

If you are unable to access the resources, and are continually being asked to login with your network username and password, then you may need to enable cookies in your browser.

The proxy will work with dial-up connections, though pages will load very slowly. The best results will be achieved when using a high speed connection such as DSL or Cable internet.

If these troubleshooting tips don't solve your problem, please contact the Help Desk at or extension 7525.

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