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faculty photo imageKelly Chacón

Arthur F. Scott Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry Department
Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

I study how metal ions are trafficked in the cell by using a mixture of biochemistry and spectroscopy. My lab is particularly interested in catching the physical act of metal ion transfer from one metalloprotein to another, as well as characterizing newly discovered metalloproteins. This work heavily relies upon bi-yearly lab trips to a number of synchrotron lightsources. At Reed, I teach Introductory Chemistry, Metabolic Biochemistry (with emphasis on metal ions), and Biochemical Methods. I am also very passionate about increasing the presence of historically underrepresented groups in chemistry, by improving and/or creating institutional scaffolds of support for those groups. Outside of our beautiful College, I am heavily involved in the bioinorganic chemistry community, as well as devoted to exploring the great outdoors. I invite anyone who wants to know more about my work to stop by my office for a cup of tea — it is my true pleasure to translate my science for the public and potential students.

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