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Summer Internship Awards FAQ

How can I get help with my application?

You can email or call us any time with questions, and CLBR offers weekly drop-in advising hours as well. See the website sidebar for hours, locations, and contact information. For guaranteed time with an advisor, make an appointment in Handshake (link in sidebar).

Can I apply for research opportunities through the Summer Internship Awards (SIA)?

The SIA fund is generously provided to support summer internships.* There are quite a few other funds at Reed that exclusively support research opportunities. You can find these by searching for research opportunities in the fellowships search tool and checking the box for Reed sponsored awards. Many academic departments have funds available for Reed-based research or off-campus research, and there are also funds managed by the Undergraduate Research Committee. Please note that funding is available on a competitive basis, and that most research application deadlines are earlier in the year than the SIA deadline.

*The SIA prioritizes funding internships, but research assistantships are also considered for funding.

I am a spring/fall senior; am I eligible for summer funding?

Yes. You may apply to the Summer Internship Awards for the summer before you graduate. If you’d like to pursue funding for an unpaid internship after you graduate, you’ll need to apply to the Spring Internship Awards. Only graduating spring/fall seniors are eligible for the Spring Internship Awards.

Can I apply for multiple awards?

Yes, you can apply for multiple awards for the summer. You should disclose if you are applying for multiple awards in your applications (most applications will ask about this). This information will not be considered when we are making awarding decisions. 

Can I accept multiple awards from the college?

In most cases, no. Reed College funding for summer opportunities is limited, and CLBR and other awarding groups at Reed hope to help as many students as possible each summer. More than one award that is intended to fund a full-time opportunity over the summer should not be awarded to the same person in the same summer. This means that you cannot accept both a Summer Internship Award (SIA) and, for example, a Summer Opportunity Fellowship Award (SOFA), even if they are for two different summer activities.

It may sometimes be possible to receive funding from more than one source for summer activities, as long as the awards are not both intended to support full time summer experiences. If you are considering a situation like this, review the relevant award websites first and ask before you apply. Every Reed-sponsored award has contact information for that award listed on its website.

How and when do I receive funding?

You will receive the funding as a direct deposit or check from the business office after you are notified of your acceptance and after you complete the requirements listed in your award email.

How many hours are required, and how long should my internship be?

The SIA requires a minimum of eight weeks of full-time engagement and a minimum of 320 hours between the last day of classes and first day of classes.

What do you mean by "underpaid internships"?

An internship is underpaid if it does not pay you enough to meet your basic needs while working. Use our budget worksheet to estimate your expenses over the course of the internship. If your expenses are greater than the total amount that your internship will pay you, then your internship is underpaid. Account for the stipend (or pay) from your internship in your budget when applying.

Budget FAQ

CLBR has a budget worksheet which we recommend using for some awards. These are some common questions applicants have had about that sheet, and applying to the SIA in general.

Can I include an hourly wage in my budget?

No. Funds received through the Summer Internship Awards (and similar awards from Reed College) do not provide an hourly wage. These funds are intended to support your needs while you participate in an unpaid (or underpaid) experience.

How much should I budget for food?

CLBR will generally cap food budgets at $100/week. Please try to budget for what you will actually need. Think about limitations imposed by where you'll be working and what your access to food at your workplace will be like. If your food budget is more than $100/week, explain why in your budget.

Can I budget for professional clothes?

Yes, if you need them to be able to perform the duties of your internship. Budgets for clothing will generally be capped at $200. If you need to spend more than this, provide an explanation in your budget or cover letter.

What about personal vehicle expenses?

If you're using a personal vehicle to get around, you can include approximate gas expenses in your budget. If you include a mileage reimbursement in your budget instead, and your application is selected for funding, you'll be asked for a revised budget with approximate gas expenses.

Should I budget for only the exact dates of my internship, or should I budget for the whole summer?

Please write your budget based upon what it will cost you to be able to do the internship. For example, if you would need funding for housing and food for the whole summer to be able to do an 8–10 week internship, then you should request funding for housing and food for the whole summer. We encourage students to do their best to request only what they need, as this allows us to fund more opportunities for more students.

I’m not sure exactly what some of my expenses will be to do this internship. How should I write my budget?

Please be as specific as you can, and do your best to make good estimates. Include details in your budget wherever you can, and explain any estimates that you make in the budget. It is possible that you will be awarded an SIA, but that the reviewers will request you to submit a revised budget before funding your award. This is not uncommon, and we're happy to work with awarded students when necessary.

If you have questions about any of this, please let us know at!

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