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Internal Deadline: August 31, 2018
Liaison: Ken Brashier

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The Rhodes Scholarship is highly prestigious award that supports study at Oxford University for two years. Cecil Rhodes' intention was to strengthen ties between the UK and the rest of the English-speaking world and to advance the careers of those seeking to advance the public good.  Excellent academic performance is very important and the Rhodes program has recently implented the requirement of a minimum GPA of 3.7 Also important are certain personal qualities: a demonstrated ability to lead, a commitment to serving the wider community, physical vigor and, in general, energy, ambition, and success in fields of endeavor other than academic study. All educational costs are paid on the Scholar's behalf by the Rhodes Trust. Each Scholar additionally receives a maintenance allowance adequate to meet necessary expenses for term-time and vacations. The Rhodes Trust covers the necessary costs of travel to and from Oxford, and upon application, may approve additional grants for research purposes or study-related travel.


Applicants for Rhodes scholarships must be U.S. citizens, aged 18 or over but not yet twenty-four on October 1 in the year of application.  Citizens of China and India may also be eligible to apply through the Reed process and should contact the Fellowships Adviser for more information.  Interested students from other countries who are not U.S. citizens should check the Rhodes website to see if there is a Rhodes secretary in their country.

Selection Criteria

Intellectual distinction is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for election to a Rhodes Scholarship. Selection committees are charged to seek excellence in qualities of mind and in qualities of person which, in combination, offer the promise of effective service to the world in the decades ahead. Applications are sought from talented students without restriction as to their field of academic specialization or career plans although the proposed course of study must be available at Oxford, and the applicant's undergraduate program must provide a sufficient basis for further study in the proposed field. 

The four primary criteria outlined by the program are:

  • literary and scholastic achievements;
  • energy to use one's talents to the full as exemplified by fondness for and success in sports;
  • truth, courage, devotion to duty; sympathy and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship;
  • moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one's fellow beings.

Application Procedure

Interested students should use this form to request an internal application.  Contact Michelle Johnson with any questions.

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