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Sports and Recreation at Reed includes the Physical Education Department, Reed Club Sports, the Ski Cabin, the Gray Fund recreational events, and the Reed Outing Club. Whether students, faculty, or staff are interested in outdoor activities, group sports, or individual athletic skill building, there are facilities and professional staff to facilitate a positive learning experience.


Sports and Recreation at Reed College includes our Physical Education Department, Reed Club Sports, the Gray Fund Recreational events, Reed Ski Cabin and the Reed Outing Club.

These various organization offer a substance-free environment for students to actively participate in keeping physically fit, learning new skill-sets and reducing stress through recreation on and off campus.

Reed College has the perfect location for enjoying the activities of the Northwest. Whether you're into sailing, rafting, kayaking, skiing, hiking, playing soccer, rugby, tennis, or juggling, we have the facilities and the professional staff and instructors who will provide a positive learning experience for you!

Sports Center Practices and Procedures


Sports Center/Facility Usage

The Reed College Sports Center and all facilities including athletic fields, tennis courts and basketball courts can be utilized by alumni, current staff, faculty and students and other individuals that have received prior authorization from the Director of Physical Education and Athletics. Other general public access and usage to the center and these facilities is not allowed.

Tennis Court Usage

The Reed Tennis courts are available for usage by students, staff, faculty, past women's committee members and alumni ONLY. The courts are locked during the summer months to discourage outside users from monopolizing our limited facilities, we do this to ensure that use may be available for campus use. This year we went from four (4) courts to two (2) courts with the new performance arts building being constructed, so limiting use of the courts to outside groups in order to cater to Reed groups is a priority.

Keys to the tennis courts can be checked out at the Sports Center cage during open hours. Keys are also available for long-term check out for the summer ($50.00 refundable deposit required for Alums and Women's Committee Members). Please see sports center supervisors for details.

Physical Education Sponsored Events

It is a mutual expectation between all Reed Physical Education personnel and the student population that all PE events, programs, and classes whether on or off campus remain entirely substance free. A Physical Education sponsored event is any activity that is subsidized in any way by PE department funding or support. PE sponsored activities include, but are not limited to, all PE classes, club team sporting and social events, college vehicle use financed by the PE dept, travel, lodging, or any activity endorsed, promoted and/or fiscally supported by the Reed College Physical Education Department.

Dogs on Campus and at the Sports Center

Reed College dog policy

Passed by the Student Senate November 19, 1992
Revisions approved by Student Senate October 9, 1998,
Approved by the Faculty December 7, 1998,
Amended by the Faculty April 17, 2000


All members of the Reed College community are bound by the Honor Principle to be responsible for the appropriate conduct of their dogs while on the Reed campus. The purpose of this policy is to provide, in advance, a set of reasonable guidelines for acceptable behavior of any dog that visits Reed campus; it is intended to serve as a clarification of the obligations of dog owners to the Reed community. Community members should be forewarned that a breach of this policy may, in itself, constitute a violation of the Honor Principle. This policy pertains to the internal governance of the Reed College community only. Its provisions shall be considered binding upon employees of the College in the performance of their duties. It shall not be construed to abridge or supersede any rights or responsibilities put forth in Multnomah County law. Further, this policy shall annul and supersede any other dog policies currently in existence at Reed College, with the exception of the Residential Pet Policy, with which the provisions of this policy are consistent.


  1. Dogs must be restrained by a leash, and accompanied by a person at all times while on the Reed College campus.
  2. Dogs are not permitted in the following locations:
    1. Commons
    2. Cafe
    3. Paradox Cafe
    4. IRCs
    5. Library (including the lobby)
    6. Classrooms where the professor bans dogs
    7. Sports Center
    8. Health Center
    9. Bookstore
    10. Kaul Auditorium
    11. Theater

Contact Physical Education

Sports Center "Cage"

Michael Lombardo


Will Symms

Assistant Director

Todd McCormack

Administrative Assistant

Pool hours

Call the Cage for Accurate Hours 503/777-7285

*Pool hours may vary depending on Lifeguard availability and unforeseen circumstances. 

Sports Center Hours Summer 2014

Monday-Thursday 7am-7pm

Friday 7am-2pm

Saturday-Sunday  Closed