Sustainability at Reed


Consider refusing items that quickly become waste. For instance, you can politely decline plastic straws and bags, free promotional giveaways, and drink lids. Below are some tips.  

Refuse Paper Towels

Instead of using a paper towel, air dry your hands by shaking them out after washing or carry a small quick-dry towel in your backpack or handbag.  

Refuse Straws

When you order a drink, ask your server to skip the straw. If you need a straw, consider carrying a reusable straw with you.  

Refuse Disposable Bags

Some stores ask if you would like a bag, but many automatically pack your items at checkout. You can decline a bag. Keep a reusable shopping bag with you at all times.

Refuse Giveaways

When promotional items are offered to you at an event, take a minute to consider whether and for how long you’ll use them. Giveaways like stickers, pens, pins, keychains, and T-shirts often have a short or limited shelf-life. Declining the offer decreases demand on future giveaways.