Sustainability at Reed


City of Portland Recycling Program

Learn what to do with your garbage, recycling, and compost in Portland on the city's Garbage, Recycling, and Compost website.  

Recycling at Reed 

Reed's Recycling Center is located in the lower level of the Gray Campus Center (GCC) next to the mailroom. All non-academic buildings have bins designated for Reed's Recycling Center recyclables. Place recyclables in those bins or bring materials to the Recycling Center. Have large and consistent loads of materials for the Recycling Center? Contact the Sustainability Committee to discuss customized recycling drop-off or pick-up options.

Reed Recycling Center Guides:

Accepted at Reed’s Recycling Center

  • plastic film (grocery bags, bread bags, Ziploc, bubble wraps) - click here if you have a large quantity
  • styrofoam - click here if you have a large quantity
  • #6 plastics (ex: Red Solo™Cups)
  • bread bag tags
  • writing utensils
  • personal care products (must be empty)
  • dental hygiene packaging (toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, mouthwash bottles)
  • rigid plastics not accepted by Portland's recycling program (smaller than 6 oz. and/or not tub shaped) 
  • fabrics (including scraps) and shoes
  • electronics and ink cartridges
  • batteries
  • light bulbs
  • chip bags
  • snack and bar wrappers and bags
  • crinkly, nonrigid and nonfilm plastic
  • instrument strings
  • contact lenses and blister packaging
  • corks (plastic and real)
  • #5 rigid plastics (always bring to center instead of Portland recycling program to maintain longer lifecycle of #5 plastics)
  • cigarette butts

Reed's Recycling Center Collection Bin Caretakers 

Contact the Sustainability Committee to be added to a caretaker spreadsheet to sign up for one of the follow care taking levels: 

  • Bring bin contents to Reed's Recycling Center when full and sort it into the appropriate bin.
  • Notify the Sustainability Committee when the bin is full for the Student Sustainability Coordinator to bring to Reed's Recycling Center to sort. 

Reedies4Reedies Recycling Fund

Help raise money for financial aid by recycling bottles and cans in the ODB/Anna Mann Dumpster Site (#7). All money made from the depositable recycling goes directly to the Reedies4Reedies scholarship, which provides financial aid to Reed students. Read the guidelines for more information on this program. 

Disposing of Large Quantities of Styrofoam or Plastic Film

Does your department produce large volumes or plastic film and/or styrofoam recycling? If yes, do one of the following:

  • Drop off materials at Reed's Recycling Center then email the Sustainability Committee so they can remove the materials right away.
  • Drop off plastic film directly at Safeway on Woodstock in the bin outside of the main entrance.
  • Bag and drop off large styrofoam loads on the bench outside of the Warehouse entrance on 28th Avenue then email the Sustainability Committee so they can work with facilities to properly dispose of the materials.  

E-waste and Hazardous Waste On Campus

Learn about how Reed handles e-waste and hazardous waste on campus. Reed recycles e-waste in the ETC building (cords, computers, etc.). Hazardous waste are handled through EHS and can be brought to the waste room in Chemistry 211 (downstairs) for proper recycling or disposal. Light bulbs, lamps, and ballasts can be put into the lamp recycling boxes located on the 2nd floor of the Chemistry building by the west stairs, see here for more information.