Resources for Supervisors of Student Workers

Using Handshake

Creating an account

Need to set up a supervisor Handshake account to post a job? Use this link to create an account and request to join the "Reed College Student Work" employer. 

Issues using Handshake to post positions? Reach out to

Logging into Handshake

Handshake Login for Supervisors (make sure to log in using the "Employers and Career Centers" option!)

Note: if Handshake is asking you to log in as a student, you have used the wrong link! Log out/exit the page and use the link above, making sure to log in on the second option, "Employers and Career Centers" and not as a "Student or Alumni".

Hiring Student Workers

For instructions on the student hiring process, please see the Recruiting and Hiring section of the Supervisor Handbook

Resource Links

Student Work Supervisors Newsletters