Work-Study Job Pool  

Information for supervisors 

Why a Job Pool?

The Work-Study Job Pool makes it easier for new students with work-study to find and secure on-campus employment. This program is open to new first-year and transfer students whose financial aid packages include work-study awards. For many students, earning their work award is essential to their overall success in school. The job pool reserves positions specifically for this group of students, while also streamlining the application and hiring process.

What jobs should be a part of this program?

This program is ideal for entry level jobs that can be performed by an incoming student. The sign-up form will gather information from supervisors about the nature of the job and any specific time or skill requirements. If you aren't sure if a job is right for this program, reach out to the Student Work Office.

How does this work?

Supervisors may submit positions for the Job Pool using this sign-up form at any point during the 22-23 academic year. However, if you have positions to fill for the fall semester, you are encouraged to complete the form by August 26 and will receive information on proposed hires by August 30. For more detailed information, see the program info sheet and detailed supervisor instructions.


If you have questions about this program, please contact the Student Work Office.