Student Supervisor Handbook: Definition & Eligibility

What is student work?

Student work encompasses both:

  • Paid on-campus student positions
    • In which the work benefits the college and does not necessarily relate to the student's education 
  • Off-Campus Federal Work Study positions through SEEDS

The following are not considered student work positions because the project, experience, or work benefits the student and contributes to the student’s education. A non-student could not be hired for this role:

  • Positions elected by the Student Body
  • Positions hired by the Student Senate Appointments Committee
  • Signators of student organizations
  • Fellowships/Summer Awards

Supervisor and approver designation

HireEm lists both a supervisor and a timesheet approver for each student worker. It is very important that the supervisor and approver in HireEm accurately reflect who supervises the student worker. Please see the guidance below for determining who should be listed. 

Supervisor: The supervisor listed in HireEm must be the person who is responsible for directing the student’s job tasks and overseeing the student’s work.

The supervisor of record is the contact for the student work office regarding the position and will receive email notifications of important student work information. The supervisor of record is also an obligated reporter of sexual misconduct, per college policy

Approver: The approver listed in HireEm must be the someone who is aware of or will obtain confirmation of the exact hours worked by the student. 

The approver should be either the supervisor (directly overseeing the students work) or someone who is otherwise aware of the exact hours the student works. 

Eligibility for student work

Students who are currently enrolled and attending classes are eligible to work on campus as student workers. Students who are on a Leave of Absence, failed to re-enroll, graduated, or have otherwise not enrolled are not eligible for student work. Students entering the college in the fall are eligible to begin work after July 1. Continuing students who wish to work over the summer must be enrolled in one or more units for the upcoming fall semester. Work for the college must be performed within the state of Oregon; students are not eligible for student work while out of state. 

Only students who are awarded Federal Work-Study (not Reed Work-Study) are eligible to work in Off-Campus Federal Work-Study positions through SEEDS (see below).


Students who are on a leave of absence are not permitted to work in student jobs during their leave. A student returning from leave in fall semester is eligible to begin working after July 1st. A student returning from leave in spring semester is eligible to begin working at the start of Paideia week in January. 

Graduating student workers

After completing their last semester at Reed, a student is eligible to work on campus through the Thursday of final exam week. Graduating students may not work any hours in their student jobs after this date. 


Students with Financial Aid may have one of two types of work study as a part of their financial aid package. It is typically awarded in the amount of $2,000, which students are expected to earn through hourly work on campus. This amounts to about 5 hours of work per week at $13.25 per hour. 

  • Federal Work Study is a federal aid program administered by Reed. Higher need students who qualify are awarded this option.
  • Reed Work Study is awarded by Reed to students not eligible for federal work study but who have financial need.

While students without work awards are eligible to work on campus, it is important to provide students with work study the opportunity to earn their awarded amount. Supervisors are encouraged to prioritize hiring qualified applicants who have either type of work study award. It is permissible to ask students as a part of the application process if they have work-study, however, it is suggested that you also use HireEm to look this up (below). 

Check a Student’s Work Study Status

Supervisors can look up the work study status of student applicants in HireEm. In HireEm, click on the “Work award search” tab on the left - this will take you to a page where you can look up a student’s work study status using their name, ID numbers, or a .csv file downloaded from Handshake. If there is a “yes” under “Work award?”, the student has an accepted Reed Work Study or Federal Work Study award as a part of their financial aid package.