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Ski Cabin

Open Hours, Guests, and Reservations:

  • The cabin will be open for day-use and overnight-use 6 days per week. There will be a weekly closure from 12pm Wednesday - 12pm Thursday for routine maintenance
  • We can currently support up to 14 guests for day-use and overnight use. Each visitor can spend 1 night per visit.
  • Every visitor must complete their own reservation request in their name.  Login to your IRIS account and select the "Ski Cabin reservations" option for further details.
  • Reservations are open for students, staff, faculty and alumni only. Pets may be allowed at the discretion of the manager. 
  • The priority users will be students with a 2-week window to reserve spaces. The rest of the community (alumni, staff and faculty) will have a 1-week reservation window. Official student groups such as clubs, teams and classes can reserve 1 month in advance by contacting the cabin manager directly.
  • Each person must reserve a space in the cabin individually. A maximum of 14 individual reservations can be made per day. 
  • All who wish to visit the ski cabin must be vaccinated for Covid-19

Ski Cabin Amenities 

The ski cabin boasts an arra of amenities:

  • 14 bunk beds 
  • a renovated kitchen with a stove, two refrigerators, and basic cooking utensils
  • a sauna
  • a fireplace
  • a sunroom
  • a pingpong table
  • board games

Pack your own food, bedding, and towels. Ask the cabin manager about maps, snowshoes, sleds, and directions to the trails and recreation areas that are nearby. Ski Bowl and Summit are right outside the cabin doors, and Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows are each about 15 minutes away.

Getting to the Ski Cabin

The easiest way to reach the cabin is by personal vehicle or a Reed van. For the security and privacy of the cabin, directions are not available online. Contact cabin manager Erik Kallio or Will Symms, assistant director of athletics, fitness, and outdoor programs, for directions.