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Dogs Unleashed (sort of) at Reed

Reed College dog tags

After nearly a generation, the policy formerly known as the Dog Policy has been revised and updated and is now the Animal Policy. Among other things, the policy requires that “the College will distribute a copy” and any associated implementation guidelines to the community at the beginning of each academic year. The updated policy online will serve as the provided “copy.” At this point there are no published implementation guidelines supplementing the policy.

So, why change a perfectly good policy that has stood the test of time? Or, why mess with Olde Reed? Director Gary Granger has summarized the most significant changes and the rationale below. Along with many others, Adrian Dannis ’14 played a major role in this effort by with working with Gary, the student senate, and the faculty to get this done. Thank you, Adrian.

To leash or not to leash

Old policy: all dogs leashed at all times in all locations (including offices), no exceptions. Many current community members remember when groups of dogs roamed parts of campus unsupervised. The original policy was meant to stop this.

New policy: all dogs leashed in most areas, but allowed off leash in specified areas, such as private offices. Allowance for one or more off-leash areas on campus. Two off-leash areas have been designated as a test of the idea that we can handle these areas honorably. See the campus map for the off-leash area locations.

Dog tags

Old policy: required Community Safety to record all “Reed dogs” and issue them numbered tags. If anyone wants one as a souvenir, I have plenty of tags in my office.

New policy: no Reed tags required.

Polaroids and positive identification

Old policy: required Community Safety to photograph all Reed dogs, check their vaccination status, and maintain a book and log of all authorized dogs. If anyone wants to see the old photos (actual Polaroids), come see Gary Granger.

New policy: no Polaroids, no vaccination checks, community members are expected to license and vaccinate their dogs according to Multnomah County and City of Portland codes.

Non-canine animals

Old policy: pretty much silent on other animals.

New policy: updated to contain language that addresses the presence of other non-human animals on campus and in residences. Updates include language to ensure compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines regarding service animals, companion animals, and support animals. Since a wide range of animals fulfill these roles, a policy limited to dogs was no longer viable.

Looking forward

Community Safety officers will continue to engage people who are in the company of dogs that are off leash in prohibited areas—only now we can offer them a place for their four-legged companions to frisk unencumbered. The off-leash areas will be monitored by Community Safety and grounds staff members through the coming year to see how things work out. If there are no significant problems, the areas will likely remain indefinitely. Some indoor areas may or may not allow dogs at the discretion of leaders in those areas (see the policy for details). Anyone with questions, concerns, complaints, conundrums, or other issues beginning with the letter c (or any letter) should contact Community Safety for assistance.