Community Safety

Division of Student Life

September 12, 2020

Re: limited number of N95 and KN95 masks available

Dear on-campus students: 

The Emergency Response Team has provided a very limited number of N95 and KN95 masks for students who are experiencing deleterious effects of smoky air due to pre-existing respiratory conditions. We do recognize that many students may experience mild symptoms such as irritated eyes, scratchy or sore throat, headache, cough or mild shortness of breath due to the current extreme smoke conditions. However, some students have underlying health conditions that make them especially vulnerable. We ask students to prioritize their colleagues with existing health conditions due to nationwide N95 shortages. If you have a health condition in which it is particularly dangerous for you to be outside in these conditions, you may come to 28 West to pick up a mask. If you cannot safely navigate the outdoors to pick up a mask, please ask a peer to pick up a mask for you. Masks are available while supplies last. Please note that some N95 masks have valves to allow air out. If you pick up a mask with a valve, we ask that you place an additional cloth face covering over it.

When arriving at 28 West, please use the intercom at the door and tell the Dispatcher that you are there for a mask. Only one visitor is allowed into 28 West at a time.

Thank you for giving priority to students with health vulnerabilities.

Residential Life Staff