Community Safety

Division of Student Life

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)

The Clery Act recognizes certain college officials and offices as Campus Safety Authorities (CSAs). The Act defines these individuals as “An official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline, and campus judicial proceedings. An official is defined as a person who has the authority and the duty to take action or respond to particular issues on behalf of the institution.”

While reporting crimes promptly to Community Safety and/or the Portland Police is the preference of the college, Reed College has multiple other preferred CSA positions and offices to which crimes can be reported. This is a current list of Reed College's preferred CSAs as of June 2023.  

Reed College Preferred CSAs - June 2023
All Deans, Associate Deans, and Assistant Deans
Associate to the Vice President & Dean of Admission & Financial Aid Kat Buckspan
Associate Dean of Admission Dev Devvrat
Assistant Dean of Admission Communications Zoë S. Ballering
Assistant Dean of Admission Visits Rachel Cosca-Warfield
Associate Dean of Admission Grant Sewell
Director of Admission Lindsey Hoyt
Associate Dean of Admission Communications Bridget Bimrose
Assistant Dean of Admission Duncan King
Assistant Dean of Admission Marissa Seiler
Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Milyon Trulove
Associate Dean of Students/Director of CLBR Alice Harra
Associate to the Dean of the Faculty Jolina Kwong Caputo
Dean of the Faculty Kathy Oleson
Associate Dean for Institutional Diversity Jessika Chi
Assistant Dean of Admission Gabri Marie LaFratta
Associate Dean for Instituational Diversity Jennifer Whetham
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Operations Scott Hoback
Special Assistant to the VP and Dean of Admission Tessa Verbal
Vice President and Dean for Institutional Diversity Phyllis Esposito
Dean of Students Tawana Parks
Associate Dean of Students for Academic Life Steve Abrahão
Vice President of Student Life Karnell McConnell-Black
Associate Dean of Students for Health & Wellbeing Yasodha Gopal
Assistant Dean for Student Rights and Responsibilities Cameron Tanner
Associate Dean for Student and Campus Life Claudia Ramirez Islas
Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator(s)
Title IX and 504 Coordinator Christopher Toutain
Title IX Deputy Coordinator for faculty/ Dean of the Faculty Kathy Oleson
Title IX Deputy Coordinator for staff Heather Quinn-Barron
Staff and Faculty Sexual Misconduct Board (TNB) members
TNB member (staff) Claudia Ramirez Islas
TNB member (staff) Cameron Tanner
TNB member (faculty) Lucas Illing
Healthy Relationships Program Director
SHARE program director Rowan Frost
Advisors to the Judicial Board
TNB member (staff) Claudia Ramirez Islas
TNB member (staff) Cameron Tanner
TNB member (faculty) Lucas Illing
Staff and Faculty Advisors to the Honor Council 
HC member - Faculty Kristin Scheible
HC member - Faculty Lucia Martinez Valdivia
HC member - Faculty Mark Beck
HC member - Staff Cameron Tanner
HC member - Staff Steve Abrahao
HC member - Staff Maria Granados
Staff and Faculty Alcohol and Other Drug Review Panel
co-chair Will Symms
AOD Committee
staff - chair Gary Granger
faculty Alexei Ditter
faculty Michael Foat
faculty David Garrett
faculty Kathy Oleson
staff Karnell McConnell-Black
staff Tawana Parks
staff Johanna Workman
staff Timothie Rochon
staff Mike Tamada
Appeals Board
Appeals board - chair Nigel Nicholson
Appeals board - faculty Marat Grinberg
Appeals board - faculty Laura Leibman
Appeals board - faculty Lucia Martinez Valdivia
Appeals board - faculty Pancho Savery
Nuclear Reactor staff
Nuclear Reactor Staff Jerry Newhouse
Nuclear Reactor Staff Toria Ellis
President’s Office Professional Staff
President Audrey Bilger
Executive Assistant to the President Dawn G. Thompson
Associate to the President and Manager of Special Projects Liz Colie Gadberry
Dean of Students Office (Student Life Office)
VP for Student Life Karnell McConnell-Black
Associate to the VP for Student Life Cathy Carrington
Dean of Students Tawana Parks
Residence Life
Director of Residence Life for Housing Vanessa Guerrero
Director of Residence Life for Residential Education Leo Cruz

Area Coordinator Sarahina Borgia
Area Coordinator Andrew Williamson
Area Coordinator Destinee Nelons
Area Coordinator Megan Simón
Office for Student Engagement
Director for the Office of Student Engagement Janice Yang
Program Coordinator Amanda French
Program Coordinator Sabrina Murray start date 6/5/23
Operations Coordinator Fatima Preciado Mendoza
Physical Education
Administrative Coordinator Todd McCormack
Assistant Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs Will Symms
Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs Michael Lombardo
Ski Cabin Manager
Ski Cabin Manager Eric Kallio
Admissions staff responsible for overseeing events involving prospective students
Admission Events Coordinator
Associate for the Vice President & Dean of Admission & Fin. Aid Kat Buckspan
Admission Fellow Arielle Sherback
Admission Fellow Alex Harris
Study Abroad Coordinator
Director of International Programs Alberto del Río Malo
Health & Counseling Center Director
Medical Services Director Timmie Rochon
All Human Resources Staff
Human Resources Director Heather Quinn-Barron
Human Resources Coordinator María Granados
Human Resources partner Deena Hofstad
Compensation & HR Business Systems Analyst Leslie White
Assistant Director of Human Resources Cypress Williams
Other staff or faculty positions directly overseeing student groups or interacting in a CSA capacity
Faculty administrative coordinator Meg Andrews
Faculty administrative coordinator Adam Aristo
Faculty administrative coordinator Kristy Gonyer
Faculty administrative coordinator Anne Ha
Faculty administrative coordinator Kayla Johnston
Faculty administrative coordinator Joan Meyer
Faculty administrative coordinator Lisa Mickola
Faculty administrative coordinator Julie Shannon
Faculty administrative coordinator Darcy Tanner
Faculty administrative coordinator Charlie Wilcox
Community Safety staff
Director of Community Safety Gary Granger
Community Safety Manager Dhyana Westfall
Community Safety Manager Ian Hayes
Community Safety Manager Christo Potgieter
Community Safety Administrative Coordinator Kathy Silke
CSO Emily Adair
CSO Bryan Blount
CSO Patrick Byrne
CSO Bill Cate
CSO Shawn Evans
Dispatcher Rick Fagerstrom
CSO Rob Giovanetti
CSO Christin Grieser
CSO John Mathot
Dispatcher Cassie Thurston-Bianchi
Dispatcher Cindy Begg
Dispatcher Dave Wilson
CSO Joshua Morrow
CSO Shawn Nutting
CSO Michael Zocchi
Program Director Shishei Tsang
Center for Life Beyond Reed (CLBR)
Assistant Director, Advising Marwa Salah Al Khamees
Associate Dean of Students/Director of CLBR Alice Harra
Assistant Director, Advising Shania Siron
Assistant Director, Advising Hayden Todd
Student & Campus Life (miscellaneous positions)
Director of Student Support Luis Giraldo
Student Advisors
Director of Academic Support Christy Martin
ISS Program Director Gwen Sanford
Director of Disability and Accessibility Resources Jess Gibson