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March 21, 2022 - March 27, 2022

Weekly Activity:

Alarm checks: 7
Animal issue responses: 0
AOD interactions: 0
Building patrols: 174
Candle/incense violation interactions: 0
Community assistance responses: 0
Escorts: 1
Fire responses: 0
Foot patrols: 329
Held door checks: 5
Maintenance issue responses: 2
Medical assistance responses: 0
Noise complaint responses: 0
Suspicious circumstance responses: 11
Theft reports taken: 1
Unlocks: 46
Vehicle patrols: 255
Vehicle assistance responses: 1
Welfare check responses: 


Weekly Reports:


Case #: 220104
Date: 2022 03 21
Time: 0037
Description: Graffiti
Location: Student Union

Notes: A CSO on patrol at the GCC encountered graffiti on the exterior north-facing door on the east side of the Student Union building. Building Services has been contacted for clean up.


Case #: 220105
Date: 2022 03 23
Time: 0820
Description: Camping
Location: Front Lawn

Notes: A CSO on patrol encountered an individual sleeping underneath a tree on the south side of the Front Lawn. The CSO initiated contact with the individual who replied with a statement that was unintelligible to the CSO. The CSO informed the individual that they would need to move their belongings off of the campus property. The individual collected their belongings and began to make their way off of campus. The CSO followed at a safe distance until the individual was off of campus property.


Case #: 220106
Date: 2022 03 26
Time: 0029
Description: Alcohol Violation
Location: Growing Seeds Childcare

Notes: A CSO on patrol encountered an individual standing in the Growing Seeds Childcare parking lot with what appeared to be a full case of beer. Based on the distributable amount of alcohol the individual was holding, the CSO initiated contact. The individual confirmed that they were a Reed student and provided their ID, which also confirmed that the student was under the legal drinking age. Because of these two factors, the CSO confiscated the beer from the student and continued on their patrol.


Case #: 220107
Date: 2022 03 26
Time: 1724
Description: Theft - Other
Location: Library

Notes: A student arrived at 28 West to report a theft that had occurred at the Library. The student stated that they had left their backpack unattended in the library for a short period of time, and when they returned the backpack was missing. The student provided a description of the backpack and its contents.


CS Survey Responses:

Every week Community Safety requests survey responses from those who've had interactions with a member of the Community Safety team. These responses are always collected anonymously with the option for the responder to leave contact information if they would like for a member of Community Safety management to contact them, and are used internally for departmental performance tracking. Community Safety has opted to publish these survey results for transparency and community accountability. *Names mentioned in survey responses will be redacted to protect the privacy of individuals.

In addition to surveys sent directly to those who have interacted with Community Safety, the Reed community is always encouraged to independently complete the survey regarding Community Safety's performance.
You can take the survey here: CS Survey  

Responses collected 03 28 2022
Medical Assist Surpassed expectations (Redacted) is the homie. I run into him a lot (usually very intoxicated ) and he’s always very kind and helpful. (Redacted) is also cool tho I don’t know him as well.
Unlock Met expectations
Other Complaints or Comments (please specify) Seeking emergency housing Surpassed expectations
Unlock Met expectations
Medical Assist Met expectations Even though I checked “met expectations”, my expectations are rather high, so consider this a positive assessment. (Redacted) responded to the call, he was friendly, polite, and professional. Community safety’s fast and friendly response and medical amnesty policy set a great example for colleges and governments everywhere.
Unlock Met expectations Very prompt and friendly.
Unlock Surpassed expectations good good