Community Safety

Division of Student Life

Community Safety Blotter & Activity 

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October 4 - October 10, 2021

Weekly Activity:

Building patrols: 190
Foot patrols: 344
Vehicle patrols: 242
Vehicle assistance responses: 4
Held door checks: 16
Escorts: 1
Medical assistance responses: 3
Unlocks: 100
Suspicious circumstance responses: 27

Weekly Reports:

Case #: 210403
Date: 2021 10 04
Time: 1151
Description: Medical Assist - Other
Location: Residence Hall

Notes: A student requested medical assistance after accidentally cutting themself while cooking. CSOs responded and gave first aid. The CSOs recommended that the student follow up with the Health and Counseling Center if they felt the need and otherwise to call CS again if they began to feel poorly or had additional concerns. 


Case #: 210404
Date: 2021 10 04
Time: 1641
Description: Medical Assist - Other
Location: Art Building

Notes: A CSO responded to a request for medical assistance in the Art building. Upon arrival, the CSO met with a student who accidentally cut themselves while working on an art project. The CSO gave first aid and left extra first aid supplies with the student.


Case #: 210405
Date: 2021 10 04
Time: 1842
Description: Disturbance
Location: Aspen

Notes: A CSO responded to a report of a disturbance outside of a residence hall. Upon arrival the CSO saw that a student was dissecting the head of a deer. The student stated that it was for their biology class. The CSO told the student that other students found the sight disturbing and encouraged the student to consider working on their class project in a more secluded place. The student agreed to move to another location but a second call to community safety was made about the same concern, resulting in another conversation between the CSO and the student with the deer’s head. The student agreed to move to another location. Approximately five hours later, another CSO on patrol encountered the student who had moved to a more secluded area to work on their project.


Case #: 210406
Date: 2021 10 04
Time: 2343
Description: Theft - Bike
Location: Grove Lot

Notes: After assisting a student with an unlock, a CSO accompanied a student to the treed area near the Grove Lot where the student had temporarily left their bike approximately 18 hours earlier. After approximately 20 minutes of searching for the bike by the student and CSO, it became apparent that the bike had been stolen. The student’s bike is a red mountain bike.


Case #: 210407
Date: 2021 10 05
Time: 2015
Description: Graffiti
Location: Medical Offices

Notes: A CSO on patrol encountered new graffiti on the north side of the old Medical Offices and contacted Building Services for clean up.


Case #: 210408 - VOID


Case #: 210409
Date: 2021 10 07
Time: 1943
Description: Evidence of Drug Use
Location: Scholz

Notes: A CSO on patrol encountered the odor of cannabis on the north end of the second floor of Scholz but was unable to locate the source.


Case #: 210410
Date: 2021 10 09
Time: 0531
Description: Theft from Vehicle
Location: Southwest Quadrant

Notes: A CSO on vehicle patrol observed that a vehicle parked in the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Lot had been jacked up on one side and there was another vehicle parked in the bike lane of the southbound lane near the van. The CSO pulled the CS vehicle into the West Lot and monitored the scene. The CSO witnessed two individuals drive away in the vehicle that had been parked in the bike lane. CSOs inspected the van and confirmed that the catalytic converter had been removed. The CSOs had recorded the license plate and make/model information of the suspect vehicle and reported the information to the Portland Police Bureau.


Case #: 210411
Date: 2021 10 10
Time: 0011
Description: Noise Complaint/Animal Issue
Location: Birchwood Apartments

Notes: A resident of a college apartment reported persistent barking by a dog in an adjacent apartment. A CSO responded and was eventually able to make contact with the occupant of the apartment with the barking dog, alerting them to the complaint. The student reported having been with their dog nearly all day and said that the dog had not been barking.


Case #: 210412
Date: 2021 10 10
Time: 2250
Description: Information Only
Location: Library

Notes: A CSO responded to a lock up request for an area of the Library and was told by the occupant that the key to the area had been lost some days earlier, describing the circumstances as “suspicious.” A work order for a new lock and key was initiated.