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Theseus slayed the Minotaur. Odysseus outsmarted the Cyclops. You'll overcome your professional challenges—no matter how monstrous they seem.

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After we help you find a professional contact, we'll work with you to craft a resume that highlights your strengths and emphasizes the benefits of being a liberal arts student or graduate.

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Networking requires art and skill. Learn the basics in our informative guide, Networking: A Strategy for Every Stage of Career Development, then jump in through the gateways below.

  • Alumni Directory: Reed alumni are your biggest network, and they want to help you succeed. Use the Alumni Directory in IRIS to identify Reedies with majors or careers of interest who are waiting to help you launch your career.
  • Reed Switchboard: Switchboard offers real-time connections with members of the Reed community. Post and respond to Asks (“I need something you have!”) and Offers (“I have something you might need!”).
  • LinkedIn: Create your own LinkedIn profile and explore Reed's LinkedIn presence.

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Job Database


Browse Handshake, Reed's online database for jobs, internships, and opportunities in the Portland area and beyond.


Job Shadows

Job shadowing provides the opportunity to learn more about an industry, hear from experts in a particular field, and gain experience in a hands-on environment

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