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Rothchild Recipients

Past recipients and projects


Kate Ehrenberg – studied pipe organ with Greg Homza and performed a recital of organ works by Bach, Brahms, Pachelbel, Schroeder and Vierne.
Nikhil Wadhwa – studied Jazz guitar with Dan Balmer.
Eli Knowles – attended Jazz Institute at Stanford and performed a selection of jazz standards with a small ensemble.


Gregor McGee – work with Paul Irvin, early keyboard technician to restore a harpsichord and perform a concert on the instrument
Emily Palmer – Study Chopin etudes with Monica Ohuchi and Jeff Payne to develop a strong basis in piano technic; perform them on a F@4 concert
Saba Goodarzi – lessons with oud-master Rahim AlHaj and present a lecture recital on Iraqi and Iranian modes and rhythms
Daniel Woodruff – Study jazz piano with Angelo Versace at the University of Arizona, focusing on solo playing; perform a 30 minute set on a F@4 concert
Ben Baran – Study composition with Yuan-Chen Li


Gregor McGee – attend Oberlin College: Baroque Performance Institute, to further harpsichord study
Daniel Woodruff – Jazz piano study with University of Arizona professor Angelo Versace
Henry DesMarais – violin study with Micael Jinsee Lim of  3 solo violin works written in the 20th century: Schulhoff , Prokofiev, Elliott Carter
Yiyang Wang – attend the Golandsky Institute at Princeton University to study the Taubman approach to piano technique


Max Boddy – attend "Tango for Musicians at Reed College”
Hannah Mackenzie-Margulies – Attend the Wellborne Jazz Camp for jazz clarinet studies
Alex Pan – private piano study with Jeff Payne
Chris Orita – private cello study with Marilyn d’Oliveira and/or Trevor Fitzpatrick


Reed Elkinton -study at Music at Albignac, Paul Roberts’ summer piano institute
Dylan Richards - study composition and digital signal processing/computer music with Rand Steiger
Rosie Sokolov - study extended flute technics with John Savage  


Ian Nichols, piano  - lessons for preludes & fugues by Bach and Shostakovic
Andrew Wilhite, bass ($1200) - lessons 


Haley Jacobson, cello - lessons with Marilyn de Oliveira and perform music by Cassado


Andrew Warren, oboe - study & perform Britten solo oboe cycle
David Wills, organ - study music of Messiaen & improvisation


Kristine Schultze—study 20th-century piano repertoire with Jeff Payne
Ben Skubi—attend operas, Santa Fe and Seattle

2009 ($750 each)

Emidio Cantalupo—study of north Indian music with Nisha Joshi
Tom Morrison—Lessons on Hammond organ with George Mitchell
William Woodson—Bagpipe study and performance at Highland festivals


Bryson Uhrig-Fox, violin - lessons & coaching (Vivaldi, "Winter"; Brahms sonata no. 3) 


Ian Bunker, voice - lessons
Chris Cotter – shape note singing


Zoë Vrabel, mezzosoprano—voice lessons and Elgar song cycle.


Leigh Walton - music for video games.


Beth Griffing, flute - tango project


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