The Center for Life Beyond Reed

Rothchild Recipients


Gregory Mack

Gregory Mack wrote and produced an original album of songs, presented in a F@4 listening party in the fall of 2023.

Elias Sisneros

Elias Sisneros wrote and produced an original album of songs, presented in a F@4 listening part in the fall of 2023.


Sarah Wu

Sarah will be a soloist with the Reed Orchestra in the fall of 2022. She will use funds from the Rothchild Summer Stipend to study with Paloma Griffin Hébert and Inés Voglar Belgique, as well as rehearse with a pianist, in preparation for her solo debut with the Reed orchestra.

Charlie Bruggemann

Charlie will take clarinet and composition lessons with Principal Clarinetist of the Oregon Symphony, James Shields.


Zoe Marchand

Zoe will do a comprehensive and multi-faceted project focusing on the current music scene in her home of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and have weekly guitar lessons with Evan Fox, a teacher who has worked in the Minnesota scene for nearly 20 years, and is a great source of not only guitar technique but connections within the scene via the many bands he has played with. She will study the “Minnesota style” and perform songs and provide a description of her research in the fall.

Rachel Modlin

Rachel will work with Kenji Bunch (violin/viola) and Monica Ohuchi (piano) and a Portland-based violinist on collaborative piano-violin classical works, specifically learning techniques for collaborative piano and learning the exact nuances for this style of music. She will present a concert of music for violin and piano.


Diana Wang – studied with Professor Scott Marcus, the head of Ethnomusicology Program at UC Santa Barbara, to learn to play the ney, an end-blown oblique flute that has a prominent role in Middle Eastern music and ensembles.
Leila Sinclair – studied with Mitch Iimori, a Portland-based professional oboist and musician of many instruments and many types of music. Starting with basic jazz theory, she worked on the specific needs, challenges, and advantages of oboe into the standard techniques for learning improvisation.
Sebastian Bishop – enrolled in the second level audio programming course at Portland Community College Cascade taught by electronic/ambient artist Crystal Cortez and composed a three movement piece with the software Max/MSP/Jitter and Isadora.
Xinlong Du – studied with Deborah Cleaver, primarily focusing on pianistic technical development. He studied etudes by Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Scriabin, Gershwin/Wild, Ligeti, and Ryan Francis.


Eli Knowles – studied composition with Myra Melford and Marty Ehrlich. Presented a recital of his compositions written for a small jazz ensemble.


Kate Ehrenberg – studied pipe organ with Greg Homza and performed a recital of organ works by Bach, Brahms, Pachelbel, Schroeder and Vierne.
Nikhil Wadhwa – studied Jazz guitar with Dan Balmer.
Eli Knowles – attended Jazz Institute at Stanford and performed a selection of jazz standards with a small ensemble.


Gregor McGee – work with Paul Irvin, early keyboard technician to restore a harpsichord and perform a concert on the instrument
Emily Palmer – Study Chopin etudes with Monica Ohuchi and Jeff Payne to develop a strong basis in piano technic; perform them on a F@4 concert
Saba Goodarzi – lessons with oud-master Rahim AlHaj and present a lecture recital on Iraqi and Iranian modes and rhythms
Daniel Woodruff – Study jazz piano with Angelo Versace at the University of Arizona, focusing on solo playing; perform a 30 minute set on a F@4 concert
Ben Baran – Study composition with Yuan-Chen Li


Gregor McGee – attend Oberlin College: Baroque Performance Institute, to further harpsichord study
Daniel Woodruff – Jazz piano study with University of Arizona professor Angelo Versace
Henry DesMarais – violin study with Micael Jinsee Lim of  3 solo violin works written in the 20th century: Schulhoff , Prokofiev, Elliott Carter
Yiyang Wang – attend the Golandsky Institute at Princeton University to study the Taubman approach to piano technique


Max Boddy – attend "Tango for Musicians at Reed College”
Hannah Mackenzie-Margulies – Attend the Wellborne Jazz Camp for jazz clarinet studies
Alex Pan – private piano study with Jeff Payne
Chris Orita – private cello study with Marilyn d’Oliveira and/or Trevor Fitzpatrick


Reed Elkinton -study at Music at Albignac, Paul Roberts’ summer piano institute
Dylan Richards - study composition and digital signal processing/computer music with Rand Steiger
Rosie Sokolov - study extended flute technics with John Savage  


Ian Nichols, piano  - lessons for preludes & fugues by Bach and Shostakovic
Andrew Wilhite, bass ($1200) - lessons 


Haley Jacobson, cello - lessons with Marilyn de Oliveira and perform music by Cassado


Andrew Warren, oboe - study & perform Britten solo oboe cycle
David Wills, organ - study music of Messiaen & improvisation


Kristine Schultze—study 20th-century piano repertoire with Jeff Payne
Ben Skubi—attend operas, Santa Fe and Seattle

2009 ($750 each)

Emidio Cantalupo—study of north Indian music with Nisha Joshi
Tom Morrison—Lessons on Hammond organ with George Mitchell
William Woodson—Bagpipe study and performance at Highland festivals


Bryson Uhrig-Fox, violin - lessons & coaching (Vivaldi, "Winter"; Brahms sonata no. 3) 


Ian Bunker, voice - lessons
Chris Cotter – shape note singing


Zoë Vrabel, mezzosoprano—voice lessons and Elgar song cycle.


Leigh Walton - music for video games.


Beth Griffing, flute - tango project