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Udall Undergraduate Scholarship Internal Application Instructions

There is a two-tiered application process for this program, as Reed College plays an endorsing role. The first stage is to apply in winter to the Reed Faculty Committee on Fellowships and Awards. If your application is endorsed by the committee, you would then complete the application process with the Udall Foundation.

Internal Application Deadline

January 20th, 2021 at 12:00 PM

Application Steps

Please attach your application documents to an email and submit to by the internal application deadline. Application documents include:

  • A copy of the completed fillable “sample scholarship application” from the Udall site.

  • The title of your essay, should the committee nominate you (the 800-word essay is a discussion of a significant public speech, legislative act, or public policy statement by Congressman Udall and its impact on your field of interest). Note that the internal application does not ask for the essay, just the title. The sample application does not have a place to enter the title, so please include the title in the space for question D8, along with your answer to that question.

  • Ensure that any college courses taken elsewhere have been added to your Reed transcript. If they have not, please include a copy of the non-Reed transcript(s) as part of your application.

Letters of Recommendation

Have three people submit informal letters of support/recommendation to by the internal application deadline. Your recommenders need to be able to speak to your leadership, public service and academic achievements.


You will need to complete this online waiver form as the final step in submitting your internal application.

Waiver Form

Applicants submitting application materials electronically by email will generally receive a confirmation within twenty-four hours. If you do not receive a confirmation during this time, please follow up with the Center for Life Beyond Reed at to ensure that the application was successfully submitted.

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