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Hertz Fellowship

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Internal Deadline: none - see website for annual fall deadline

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The Hertz Fellowship is awarded annually to the nation’s most promising graduate students in science and technology. Their goal is to identify innovators with the greatest potential to create transformative solutions to the world's most urgent challenges.

Successful candidates have the choice of two award options:

Option 1: Funding from the Hertz Foundation Only

  • $34,000/nine-month personal stipend
  • Full tuition equivalent
  • Renewable annually for up to five years
  • $5,000/year stipend for fellows with dependent children

Option 2: Coordination with Another Awarding Institution

  • If you receive a fellowship, scholarship, or grant offer from another institution, they'll coordinate with that institution to make sure you can take advantage of each offer and receive the maximum possible compensation.

Fellows must attend one of the Foundation's participating schools, or must petition the Foundation to include a school that he/she desires to attend.


All eligible applicants must:
  • be college seniors, first-year graduate students, or in a gap year preparing to apply to graduate school;
  • intend to pursue a PhD in the applied physical and biological sciences, mathematics, or engineering;
  • intend to direct their studies toward understanding and solving major, near-term problems facing society;
  • be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.
They do not award fellowships to applicants pursuing professional degrees other than a PhD, such as an MD, JD, MBA, DPH, or DVM. However, they will support the PhD portion of an MD/PhD program.

Selection Criteria

  • Deep, Integrated Knowledge
  • Creative Problem Solvers
  • Commitment to the Greater Good
  • Active Leadership
  • Lifelong Achievers

Application Procedure

Review the Hertz website for application information.