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Explore and Discover Your Purpose

We believe that successful careers start by identifying work that aligns with your values and passions. 

Designed to provide a holistic advising experience for students, each Community of Purpose is aligned with an advisor who can support your career exploration, help you identify funding opportunities, and assist with grad and professional school applications.

Rather than asking the question of what do you want to be when you grow up, we ask the question, where would you like to have an impact? Then students can begin the process of exploring their career options by engaging in informational interviews, networking, shadows, and more!

Discover Your Purpose

A Community of Purpose is an intentional grouping of professions that have similar goals and impact. Each Community of Purpose is assigned to an advisor with in-depth knowledge of that community to ensure a well-rounded advising experience for each student. Advisors are available for guidance on career pathing, job applications, fellowships, professional school, and more!

Communities of Purpose

What is Career Exploration?

Career exploration is engaging in various experiences that help you learn about different career options and figure out what you enjoy doing. It can also take place in the form of conversations and research that provide you with career information. Career exploration happens in a variety of different ways—not only through jobs and internships!

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