Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Graduate Faculty

MALS professor

The graduate faculty is drawn from the entire Reed College faculty. There is no set graduate curriculum, as courses and faculty members change each year. MALS students have access to all Reed faculty members they wish to consult about a particular question, interest, or course.

Faculty offering MALS courses Fall 2023 to Summer 2024


Dana Katz

Joshua C. Taylor Professor of Art History and Humanities

David Dalton

Professor of Biology, Emeritus

Lexi Neame

Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science

Lucia Martinez Valdivia

Associate Professor of English and Humanities

Tom Landvatter

Associate Professor of Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Humanities

Paddy Riley

Visiting Associate Professor of History and Humanities

Sameer ud Dowa Khan

Professor of Linguistics

Margaret Scharle

Professor of Philosophy