Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Special Students

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MALS courses normally are open only to students formally enrolled in the program.  Individuals with an undergraduate degree who wish to sample a course one time only, however, may apply to enroll in a specific course.  Credit for the course may be applied later to the MALS degree requirements.  Please complete the Special Student Application and send it, along with a non-refundable $75 application fee, to the MALS Office. (If you apply as a degree-seeking student to the MALS program within two years of taking a MALS course, the later application fee will be waived.)  In addition, please have transcripts of all previous and current undergraduate and graduate work forwarded to the MALS Office from the originating institution(s).  An interview with the director of the program also is required.  The application should be filed at least 30 days before the start of the desired term.

Undergraduates in MALS Courses

Starting in fall 2016, the program has allowed a limited number of Reed undergraduate students to enroll in fall or spring MALS courses. The undergraduates must be of junior or senior standing, file an application with the MALS office, and obtain instructor approval. Priority in enrollment is given to current MALS students, and no more than two undergraduate students may enroll in any given MALS course. Applications are available through the MALS office.


Reed MALS graduates may apply to audit a specific MALS course, and generally are limited to no more than one course audit per academic year.  Audited courses are not for credit and are not recorded on the college transcript. Graduates must submit an audit application to the MALS office no later than 30 days prior to the start of the term. The director will contact the professor for permission, and will consider the auditor's statement of interest, instructor approval, and space availability in making a final decision. Auditors are expected to complete all readings and attend class regularly, but written assignments will not be evaluated.  Audit applications are available as a pdf download or from the MALS office; the fee for auditing is $100 per course.

To audit an undergraduate course, individuals should contact the undergraduate admissions office for an application, and ask the professor for permission. The audit fee for an undergraduate course also is $100.