Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

The Academic Program

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Transfer Credit

Students may transfer into the MALS program a maximum of two of the required eight course units, excluding the thesis. Transfer credit may not be used to meet the minimum requirement of four units of Reed courses at the graduate level.

The Committee on Graduate Studies and the registrar review and approve all transfer requests; a preliminary review is suggested before enrollment in a course the student hopes to transfer.

The decision for granting credit will be based on a careful evaluation of the following materials:

  • an official transcript recording the course(s),
  • a petition from the student that includes such course details as professor name and title,
  • and a course description and syllabus.
  • If available, the student also should submit a course paper with instructor comments.

The course work must be from a regionally accredited college or university, may not be applied towards another degree, and should represent B or better work. Courses taken as a post-baccalaureate student should be comparable to at least upper-level undergraduate course work offered at Reed. Normally, all courses approved for transfer have been completed within the past five years.